Parole Paper

Sam Roper

Company K, 56th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Submitted by: Daniel Jackson

In field near Dalton Georgia
October 11 1864
Capt Hymer
Company _____ __ M.S.
Troops near Dalton
I am ordered by Maj Gnl Bates, CSA, to demand the immediate and unconditional surrender of the _____ and _____ in command. Your officers and men will be treated as prisoners of war and with the courtesy due their respective ranks. They will be permitted to retain their ersonal property and clothing. Your defence(sp) has been gallant and any further resistance an unnecessary _______ of _____.
John Carter
Capt 68th
I except(sp) the terms believing further resistance hopeless.
Samuel Hymer
Capt Co D 115 Ills Vols

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