"Lines on the Death of Lieut. Daniel Riley"

by Alexander Allen

Company C, 34th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

I have a poem that was written by Alexander Allen Co C, 34th Illinois Reg. He wrote about my ggg uncle, Daniel Riley, who was wounded at Stones River and later died as a result of the wounds. I have attached it. My mom has the original hand written copy.

Dottie Summerlin


On the thirty first of December
At the early break of day,
Bold Riley our commander
Stood ready for the Gray.

Before the morning sun did shine
The enemy were near at hand
Our brave Lieut. in his shrine
Pressed forward with his band.

And when he fell before the blast
He suffered much with pain
His comrades eyes around him cast,
The sorrowful looks to sustain.

And from his wounded limb
The blood in streams did flow,
But the pleasant look from him
Still urged us on the more.

No more we hear his command
His brave career is or'e
He's gone to that better land
Where battles rage no more.

Lieut's gone, how dear we love him
All his earthly hopes are or'e
But in heaven we hope to greet him
There to meet to part no more.

Written by Alexander Allen, Co. C., 34th Reg., Ill. Vol.

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