"While In The Servis"

Leonard Pierpont

Company K, 76th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Submitted by Chandice Johnson, who transcribed it from the original.



1st The Reg't is on picket & three teams went to Waterford after corn meal

2nd This afternoon the meal came there was 1000 lbs of it & it is raining some the mail this evening

3rd It rained last night very hard & the Reg't went on picket

4th It is pleasent & warm & we got marching orders at night

5th We marched through Holly Springs about a mile and stop

6th Last night it rained very hard & we did not have up our tents & when we got our tents up we had to move to the east side of town into camp

7th Last night it froze some & today we built a stove out of brick that we carried about a half a mile the mail came to day & I got a letter from home

8th To day is raining and I answered yesterday letter

9th It is foggy & Sam LeFevre & a lot of the boys have gone a forraging & it rained

10th The Reg't went on picket & at noon we got Marching orders & started at sun down & went to cold water [Coidwater, Mississippi] got there at 9 oclock & the picket men came up at midnight & went by to stand that night

11th We started at sunrise & march about two miles & came up with the pickets & then we march on to Moscow [Tennessee]

12th We put up our tents

13th I am on camp guard & got a letter from Walter

14th It rained last night & all day today

15th It rained & at midnight it turned to ice & then to snow & snowed all day

16th Last night it stop snowing when the snow was about 5 inches deep & it began to snow again but it did not snow much & I wrote a letter to Walter

17th It is cold but pleasent

18th Last night we loaded our guns & stacked them on the color line for anything that mite turn up but nothing happened & is pleasent to day

19th It is rainy & it stop about noon which took off nearly all the snow

20th It is nasty misty day


22nd We shot off our guns

23rd The Co S on picket & it rained

24th When I came off picket I found [blank] It rained all day

25th We sined the pay rolls

26th I washed my clothes and 3 Bishop & Wm Crawford fought a duel Adj't Houghtoun & Sam LeFevre were seconds & in the afternoon it rained

27th It is cold & clear

28th It froze last night pretty hard & we had to get up at five oclock & stack our arms on the colorline

29th I went to the doctor

30th We raised up our tents

31st There was a General inspection & I got a letter from home


1st It rained all night & the Co. went on picket this morning & I answered yesterdays letter

2nd I wrote a letter for Wm Newlin

3rd It is cold & at night I went & help unload clothing camp kettles & rnesspans off the cars

4th We got a sack of corn & one of the boys went to mill & got it made into meal & in the afternoon it began to snow & at night we got marching orders to start the next morning at 8 oclock

5th Wm Newlin died at 5 oclock this morning & we started & marched to Lafayette got there at three oclock & we pitched camp on the snow

6th Last night was awfull cold & to day we shovelled off the snow on top of the ground under our tents

7th I am on picket & the snow went off

8th It is very mudy

9th To day I washed my clothes & I got a letter from home & one from Walter

10th I answered yesterday letters

11th To day I am on picket

12th It is raining to day


14th To day is raining & we had a Thunder Storm

15th I wrote a letter to R S Chamberlin

16th We have to drill 4 hours a day & get up at 5 oclock & stack arms on the colorline

17th Last night it a drizly rain

18th Last night it rained

19th I am on picket & the 15th moved down the rail road to Collierville [Tennessee]

20th It is pleasent & we moved camp where the 15th was

21st Six Cos went a forrageing & it rained like every thing all day & we got any amount of Pork but when we were coming back the teams got stuck & they had to through of most of the forage & Pork & some of the boys got in the water all over and one lost his gun in the water

22nd There was a celebration of Washingtons birthday there was a discourse read by the Chaplin of the 15th & then different ones made toasts had music from the Brigade band then Burknapps Battery shot at a mark shot as many times as there was states in the Union

23rd The Reg!t shot off there guns at a mark

24th I washed my clothes & a base drummer came to the Reg't

25th Part of the Reg't went on picket & there was a Thunder Storm & I have been taking croup micture

26th Last night it rained & the tent leak & wet the Blankets & those that were lying under them & it rained until morn & in the afternoon I wrote a letter for P Michals

27th It is pleasent & warm & I am taking Medicen

28th Part of the Reg't is on picket


1st Part of the Reg't went a forrageing & I am pretty sick at night

2nd I got a letter from Father & Wm Trickel came here

3rd It is cold this morning & part of the Reg't went on picket & I answered Fathers letter to send by Trickel home

4th Trickel started back & Part of the Reg't went of[f] forrageing & the Cavalry that went with them saw guerrilers

5th Five men out of a Co went on picket & I subscribe for a Co Chart & I don't get any better

6th Five men & a Corporal went out of the Co on picket & the Reg't got marching orders

7th Last night it rained & five men & a Corporal went on picket & I am no better

8th Last night it rained & this morning is misty & disagreable at noon the boys shot off there Arms & at night I got orders to be ready to start the next morning at 7 oclock

9th The sick went to the depot (I was one) & started to Memphis & got there a little after one oclock the train got stuck twice we stayed to the depot till after 5 oclock & then they took us to the Soldiers home & then I went into the Overton Hospital ward

10th I have some fever yet A good meny went out of here to St Louis to day

11th It is warm & pleasent

12th There was a lot more of sick came in to day from Vicksburg

13th This morning the Dr said that I was better out of danger of the fever

14th James Marvin came in the Hospital from Co E & I wrote a few lines to Sam & sent by him

13th Atkison & Alkir came up here & brought me a letter from Father

16th I answered Father letter & Cap't Leguin came here said that those that could ride to the camp could get there pay that afternoon but I miss the Ambulance so I walk to camp but I did not get it I stayed in the Reg't hospital

17th I stayed in camp all day but no pay & at night I went to the Hospital & I get a letter from Walter


19th A Stansbury was here this morning & I wrote a letter to Walter

20th I am better to day

21st Peter L Dops died this morning in this Ward his Father was with him

22nd Sam LeFevre & J R Bishop came down here & brough me $20 Sam sined the pay roll & drawed it for me

23rd I wrote a letter to Father yesterday it rained all day

24th It rained all the forenoon & cleared off in the afternoon

25th I went out into the street

26th Sam LeFevre came to see me & I went on top of the Hospital & I could see all over the city

27th I went out & left my watch to be fix

28th To day I went to the Co Last night there was a hard Thunder Storm & it liked to of drowned the boys out of the tents

29th Last night the wind blew & this morning it is pretty cold & it remained so all day

30th It hailed some this morning & is pretty cold

31st Clear & windy


1st The Reg't are drawing new catradge boxes & turning over the old ones

2nd The Divission was out on review & the Col overheard General Hurlbut say that the 76 was the best Reg't in the Brig'd

3rd It is windy

4th I got a letter from home & two papers

5th I went to town to a Presbyterian meeting & I answered Fathers letter

6th Got a letter from Walter

7th I answered Walters letter & I went down town

8th It is cloudy

9th It is warm

10th It is pleasent & at night I went to a debateing society that the 14th & 76th have got up

11th This afternoon it is raining in the forenoon we mustered it stop raining at night

12th I went to town to a Catholic church, at night Judge Williamson of Iowa made a speech to the 14th & 76th Reg't

13th The Reg't went to compeat with the 32nd Ills in drilling

14th Last night it rained all night & untill noon to day

15th It is cold & cloudy in the after noon it was pleasent

16th This afternoon we sined the pay roll

17th I got a letter from Mother

18th I answered yesterday letter from Mother

19th Last night there was a hard Thunder Storm

20th The Reg't got there pay at night there was a Nigger dance in Camp & a banjo to play & I washed my clothes & the 14 & 46th got marching orders cold water to fight to start the next morning Lieu't Ford started there

21st I went to town & got rid of my watch & got a dollars worth of Postage Stamps there was some prisoners & Hurlbut sent after the 76th but Lauman would not let it go



24th The 14th & 46th came back & it is raining & I got a letter from Father at night it stop rain

25th I answered Fathers letter & in the afternoon we had a hail storm

26th There was a Thunder Storm but not a very hard one

27th This afternoon it rained

28th I went to town

29th We raised our tent & I sent home my Over & dress coat & cap at noon I got a letter from Walter

30th This morning I wrote a letter home & then we had inspection of the Reg't in the afternoon they had speaking at Brig'd Head quarters


1st I was on detail to go to town to help draw hay for the Mules & I wrote a letter to Walter & our Co drilled against Co F

2nd Lieu't Dillies wife came down here to day & in the afternoon it rained some


4th I got a letter from Father & in the afternoon I went to town

5th I washed my clothes & wrote a letter to Father & in the afternoon the Reg't went to Div Hed qtr & drilled against the 53rd md and the 76 got it

6th Elisha Bratton started home on 30 day furlough

7th I am on guard& at noon I got a letter from Father

8th Our Co drilled against Co E & I answered Fathers letter

9th I am on guard at Div head quarters & we got marching orders

10th I went to town and got my Photographs taken & in the after noon we got words that Richmond was taken & it was read on dress parrade & our orders was countermanded

11th Co K are on picket & I wrote a letter to James S Loveland & wrote one for P Michals

12th I went to town & got my pictures & at night there was a Co fight Wm Watkins & J Vanciccle went home on a furlough of Twenty days

13th We packed up & struck tents for a march down the river got on the boat Fort Wayne at 12 oclock & started at 51 oclock we stop for the night

14th At three I got up for guard & the boat started at four oclock at sun down we stop to wood & Lieut Ford got off of one of the boats & got on the one we were on & in an hour we started & a little after dark our boat was shot into & the boat run into a snag & broke the rudder two men were wounded & we had to stop for the night

15th This morning they roped up to Brigd head quarters boat & then we went & fired a plantations clost to where we were fired into & started down the river got to the upper landing of youngs point a little after sun down

16th We started at 12 oclock & went to the lower landing & unloaded & went into camp & we open the box that Ford brought from home when we landed we saw Jim Jordan he was in the convalesent camp

17th I am guard to day & sent my pictures

18th We started this morning & march across the point to the river below Vicksburg got there at three oclock got on the boat at eight oclock & went down the river on the Empire City

19th We landing this morn at 3 oclock & went on to land at Grand Gulf our Reg't the other three came on to day at 11 oclock at night we were called up to march & we went to the landing & got on a boat & started at 1 oclock with the 53 md on one boat up the river

20th We went to the Battery of Vicksburg & turned around at 10 oclock to the landing where got on when we went down stayed there till noon then went up to the upper landing & got off and marched to youngs point & got on the Ohio Billie & we could see the Morters & the Vicksburg Batterys playing at each other we stayed a little after sun down

21st This morning we got off [on?] the boat & got off at Cicasaw landing where there was several thousand Prisoners & march to the rear of Vicksburg within three miles of the firing stayed three till noon then we turned round & marched to Haines Bluff making about 20 miles that day

22nd We lay in camp to day & we can here the report of canon pretty often untill two oclock then it ceased only two or three in the afternoon

23rd There was a few guns fired this morning & I went & got all the Mulberries that I could eat & I wrote a letter home & one to Walter & at night I got one from home

24th We got marching orders & marched to the center of the Army & stop for the night saw Boltons Battery it is very hot so that the horses dropt down with the heat

25th Started this morning towards the left marched till noon & stop then I went & got all the Mulberries I could eat (lost my tin cup & found an other one) Stayed there til 5 oclock & then we went till sun down when we stop for the night after we had gone to sleep we were called up to be ready we were called up twice that night

26th Last night there was 114 men taken by the Rebels while on picket out of the 46th some officers & the Lt Col Lt Col got away from them

27th Last night we (the Reg't) went on picket & one of Co H got wounded & there was shell droped into camp from the gun boats

28th Last night there was a Mock Battery planted by our men & to day there was a real one & we moved about two miles

29th The mail came this Afternoon & I got a letter from Walter

30th Six Co went on picket & I was detailed to build a shed at the divission Hospi tal

31st This morning two men was shot by accident in Co I one shot Mortal theother one is not our Co went to Warrenton after rations we got back after night & the camp was moved


1st I went after [plums?] and had some cook for dinner in the afternoon I wrote a letter to Wal't and one to Father

2nd The Reg't is on picket I mended my coat The Man died this morning that was shot in Co I & his son with three was shot dead by gurrillers at Grand Gulf

3rd Came to camp & washed my Clothes Serg't Wm A Watkins came back from on furlough

4th Reg't on picket & the things came up from Grand Gulf

5th Last night the 53rd md came out & dug rifle pits for the pickets to lye in came to camp & moved it about a mile got through at noon moved again in the afternoon & Wm Charles came over from Youngs Point

6th Reg't on picket Co K on a Signal hill & we go all the Blackberries we could eat

7th Lay in Camp & got caterage enough to make 40 rounds

8th Reg't on picket Co K at Signal hill & Wm Charles went back to Youngs point

9th Washed my Clothes

10th Last night Co I & K went to support a battery the rest of the Reg't went on picket this morning & there was hard rain till noon at night

11th Last night there was a hard Thunder Storm this morn went a blackberrying

12th On picket fleer camp in the canes & at night we could see the shells come from the gunboats & go over the City & burst they look splendid

13th Washed my clothes in the forenoon & then went a blackberrying & the Rebs through shell into our camp but did not hurt any one

14th There was more troops came in one Divission the 37th Ill the one that J Baker J Strouse D Hillbury are in

15th A Corporal in Co B wounded by a shell while on picket he was on the reserve & the Reg't moved Camp

16th There was a shell came through camp in the afternoon & I got a letter from Father

17th Went a blackberrying & In the afternoon I answered Fathers letter & a pice of shell came through camp

18th Wrn Charles came from the point & all of the Knapsacks & the Co sined the pay rolls

19th Last night they called us for fight about 10 oclock but we did not leave camp this morning the Reg't went on picket & a man was shot in Co H in camp & Ford went to the point after more of the things

20th There was a good deal of shelling this morning & I had the ague & Ford got back

21st The 1st Lieu't of Co E & a private was shot this morning when they went on picket by our men shot the L't through the leg & breaking it, & the other through the nose & face the L't died this evening (his name was Williams)

22nd Went a blackberrying

23rd Last night Cap't Davis came to the Reg't & the Col of the 14 & 4 or 5 boys was taken by the Rebels

24th This morning the Reg't drawed Whiskey at noon got orders to move Camp Got a letter from Walter & then we went to lye in a rifle pit

25th This evening went on picket from the pit 5 Cos Co K for reserve There was shoting & shelling on the line

26th Answered Walters letter on picket at night went to the rifle pits

27th To day Alkire Rardon & Eliott came to the Co & we moved Camp to the rifle pits At night went on picket

28th The 2nd fifer of Co D was wounded on picket but not bad we have got to stay till tomorrow

29th Came off of picket this morning & left the Post vacant

30th Got a letter from home & answered it


1st At C?] we went to dig a ditch in front of a rebl fort & we could see the rebs on there fort we were within 40 yards of the fort

2nd Got two months pay this noon

3rd Willie Nash came to see me & the rebs came out of there forts In the afternoon I was detailed to dig in a ditch from 1 to 7 oclock & the rebs were out on the forts more or less all the afternoon flag of truse came out this morning

4th The rebs are out on there forts thick & at 9 or 10 oclock the Newes came of the surrender & we got orders to march any time

5th Lt Col Dubois started home he has resined & we started to Jackson at 8 oclock & marched with a mile of Black river I saw 0 W Nash

6th We did not march & W Nash came to the Reg't At noon we got orders to march at 1 or 2 at night the order was countermanded & got orders to march in the morning at 5 oclock

7th Last night there was a hard blow & little rain we started at 5 oclock & marched all day & into the night & it began to rain & we had a muddy time & two boys & myself stop & slept in the crook of the fence & stayed till morning & it rained hard all night. S Le Fevre Serg't Duke & J Watkins give out through the day & stop

8th I got up with the Reg't before it started & then we started & marched about three miles & stop with Smiths Divissions & I went to the Mercantile Battery. We got orders to march at six oclock & start at 10 oclock & stop at two in the morning

9th We started & marched to Clinton [Mississippi] & stop with orders to march at five oclock but dint start

10th Got orders to march at 7 & started at 10 oclock & went about a mile & marched in to the timber & stacked arms we are guarding the wagon trains we went on picket standard till night & moved ahead about two miles & stop for the night

11th At noon we went on picket & at three oclock we could here the Musketry & canon at Jackson

12th Last night it rained some & this morning there was some firing again & we came off of picket & at night we marched forward about five miles & stop for the night

13th We moved about a mile on to the line south of Jackson in the Afternoon half of the Co was detailed for skirmishes & went out & they commenced firing on the left of us so we came back & at night I got a letter from R S Chamberlin & from Mary & Sib Bell

14th I answered yesterdays letters At 4 oclock in the afternoon the Brig'd went out on a reconnosances & found nothing as we expected to on Pearl river & at night I was on Camp Guard

15th S Le Fevre & Seg't Duke came to the Reg't

16th The Reg't is on picket

17th Last night the Rebs evacuated Jackson & we came off of picket in the afternoon I went to town

18th I wrote a letter home & in the afternoon it rained hard

19th We had dress parade this afternoon for the first time since we left Memphis we got orders to march at six in the morning

20th We did not go went to Pearl river in the afternoon we got orders to march at three in the morning

21st We started & marched Raimond & I was detailed on picket & I was not needed & I went to camp & got orders to march at two oclock the next morning

22nd We marched & cross Black river & went into camp where we did when we came out from Vicksburg & when we cross Black river it began to rain & there was a hard thunder storm & there was a good many of the boys give out with the heat for it was very hot all day & some drop down with the heat, & one or two killed with lighting

23rd Last night I had a cup of coffee for supper & this morning Wm Charles & myself started for Vicksburg & went without any thing to eat till we got there at 11 oclock the Reg1t came in the afternoon there was 12 men to start the morning in the Co & the mail came I got a letter from Father & one from Walter & went into Camp out side

24th I answered Father letter

25th Went in side to Camp & could not find a place & turned back & went into camp where we was & I wrote a letter to Walter

26th I wrote a letter to R L Chamberlin & in the afternoon it rained

27th Last night it rained & I sined the Pay rolls

28th The Reg't is Court Martial for tarring up a suttler's Shop coming up from Grand Gulf in the afternoon it rained very hard

29th Got orders to move camp at one oclock & we went inside of the fortifications

30th At night the Co went to the river

31st I am detailed to load aminition


1st We got two months pay

2nd Will Nash came over & at dress parrade there was orders read that our Divission was transfered into the 13 Army Corps

3rd I went to town & bought a hat of the 53rd md suttler

4th The furloughs came & I wrote a letter & put in $20 and sent it by Atkison & dress parrade it was read that we were transfered into the 17th Army Corps

5th Got a letter from Walter

6th Answered Waits letter & went to town

7th Went to the Mercantile Battery & the old tents came from the point

8th We put up the tents & cleaned up camp & I got orders to go down the river, but did not go but a lot of the boys went to the river & a man in Co H got drowned

9th They got the man out that was drowned I am on guard to night as Acting Corporal

10th Came off of guard & then went over to the Mercantile Battery

11th In the afternoon got marching orders to go in an hour went to the river & got on the boat H Chouteau

12th Started at day light & landed at three oclock P.M. at Natchez & did not get unloaded till dark lay on the bank of the river that night

13th Went into camp about two miles from the boat North of town

14th Last night there was a man drowned in Co E in the river & I went to town

15th I wrote a letter home

16th Got orders to march out into the Country to guard a Cotton train & carry two days rations we went out 11 miles & turned round & marched back 5 miles & stop for the night it was very hot marching & good meny of the boys give out

17th Started at 4 oclock & came to camp got there at 7 oclock & at night there was a hard Thunder Storm

18th I was on detailed as Corp over a squad of men at night there was a Thunder Storm

19th We got a mail the first since we left Vicksburg & I got a letter from home & I was ordered to act Corporal till further orders

20th It is raining & did most of the day & I went to town in the afternoon

21st I am on picket with eight men

22nd I wrote Father a letter & the Officers staked off the Camp ground

23rd We moved the tents so as to have more room between them & in the afternoon I went over to the 11th Ill Vols to see G Carrington but he was not there

24th I went to the boat landing

25th Co B E & K went on picket

26th Got a letter from Father & in the afternoon I went to the 11th Ills to see G Carrington & found him


28th I answered Father's letter & in the afternoon we had a very hard Thunder Storm

29th Last night I was on guard

30th We had General Inspection & in the afternoon I had the Ague

31st We musterd for pay & I took Quinine


1st Last night I was on guard & at noon the Brig'd started to be gone 10 days across the river

2nd I went to the town & to the landing

3rd I wrote a letter for Philip Michals & then went to the landing & in the afternoon the Officers that was on furlough came back

4th Went to town

5th I went with the teams after corn in the field & when I got back there was a letter for me from Sam Le Fevre & one from Walter

6th I answered Walters letter & at night the Reg't came back

7th Co G came to the Reg't they were guard at Crockers Head Quarters

8th The Reg't shot off there guns



11th I went over to the 11th Ills Vols


13th Had Brigade Gen'l inspection of Arms

14th Co B, C & K are on picket

15th We had shovel out the tents & there was a drilled commence in the Brig'd one co in each Reg't drilled in a day for a ticket & the Reg't that got the most tickets got clear from duty for ten days Co A drilled to day but did not get a ticket

16th Cleaned guns for drilled Co F drilled & did not get a ticket

17th Got two letters from Father Co D drilled & got a ticket

18th Our Co drilled & did not get a ticket & in the afternoon I answered yesterday letters

19th Co G drilled & got a ticket At night we got some Clothing

20th Reg't inspection

21st Co H drilled did not get a ticket

22nd Co H & K went on picket & Co E drilled & got a ticket Robbert Broomfield died

23rd Co I drilled & did not get a ticket & at noon 4 men & myself dug a grave for Bromfield

24th Co C drilled & got a ticket

25th Co B drilled & got a ticket


27th Reg't inspection


29th The Reg't Started for Crockers to drill & it began to rain & they came back & it rain a drizly rain all day

30th Last night it rained the Reg't went to Crockers Head Quarters & came back without drilling & in the afternoon I had the ague & it rained all day


1st Rained last night


3rd I got a letter from Walter & one from Sam

4th I answered Sams & Walters letter

5th There was General inspection Gen Crocker & Lauman was round

6th last night there was a hard Thunder Storm

7th Got a letter from R L Chamberlin


9th Reg't went to town on Gen inspection & in the afternoon the camp was inspected

10th Went & got Grapes

11th Ransoms brig'd left town & went to Vicksburg


13th I was detailed to get wood for Hospital & Baker

14th The Mess got out timber to rase the tent

15th Raised the tents

16th We got Brick for a fireplace

17th I help build a fireplace at the Reg't Hospital

18th Most of the boys have gone to Meeting

19th We made a fireplace in the tent

20th I went to the other side of town after Beef but did not get it & I got a letter from Father

21st Answered yesterday letter

22nd I am on camp guard at night & it rained in the night

23rd It rained most of the day & is quite cold & nasty

24th It is clear & cold had some frost this morning

25th There is frost this morning & pretty cool & in the afternoon it is quite pleasent

26th I am on detailed unloading boat

27th Peter Tanner came to the Co

28th Vinton Gillaspie came from the Hospital

29th I help haul water for the Reg!t from the River & it rained a drizly rain

30th Last night it rained & most of the time to day & Serg't Duke & L D Horn came from on furlough

31st This morning we Musterd


1st To night I am on guard

2nd Henry Childes was put under guard for disobeying orders


4th I am guarding Henry Childes

5th Last night it rain & most of the time to day

6th It cleared off & I am on guard guarding H Childes in the afternoon I took him to town to live in the guard house 10 days on bread & water

7th It is clear & pleasent

8th Serg't F H Robberts came to the Reg't

9th Got a letter from Walter Got marching orders

10th We packed up tents & went to the river in the afternoon & the pay Master payed the Reg't after we got in the boat & we started about 10 oclock on the boat Empress

11th We landed at Vicksburg at three oclock & got off at sun down & I was detailed to unload the boat but we did not do it

12th I had to help unload the boat & I got two Dollars worth of Postage Stamps & in the afternoon we moved into Camp at the out side of town

13th I went to the 11th Ill Reg't & then wrote a letter to Walter & sold one dollars worth of Stamps

14th I went to town & left my watch to be cleaned D Blythes died in camp

15th Went to the landing & found Smutzs [7] there with some things from home & Geni Logan left town & he made a speach to the crowd before he left he. went to take command of Shermans Corps In the afternoon went to meeting Lt Dillie preached

16th To day I went & got my watch & went to prayer meeting at night

17th Wrote home & put in ten Dollars drawed Clothing in the afternoon

18th I am detailed to go to town to get hay & corn

19th We sined the pay rolls

20th I went to Boltons Battery & they began to Drill the Co & I was not there to drill

21st We drilled drawed Hospital tents

22nd I went to Boltons Battery

23rd Henry Childes was tied up to a tree & in the afternoon it rained & the Pay Master began to pay the Reg't

24th The rest of the Reg't was payed this morning & the Col ordered Childes to be tied again but he gave up & I went to town in the afternoon

25th I was on detailed to cut wood & in the afternoon went to town after hay got back & I got a letter from Sam Le Fevre & one from Father

26th The Mess got. stuff & made bunks & G Carrington came over & in the afternoon we got Marching orders for the next morning at 7 oclock Last night it froze some

27th We started at 10 oclock & marched about 10 miles on the road Sniders Bluff & went into Camp without any tents & my partner & myself made a tent out of oil Blankets

28th Last night it rained & most of the boys got wet but them that had got oil tents made I answered Father letter & the tents came & we put them up

29th We fixed our bunks & built a fire place in the tent last night it froze very hard

30th I am detailed cleaning up camp & in the afternoon Sam Le Fevre & Alkire & H Johnson came to the Reg't & Sam brought me some things from home


1st I wrote a letter to and one to Mary

2nd I was detailed to help get the Col a cook shed but we could not any in the afternoon the Reg't drilled

3rd The Reg't drilled

4th Battalion drill in the afternoon

5th Weather bad

6th Reg't inspection in the Lt Dillie preached

7th I was detailed to clean up camp

8th Last night it rained & we drawed Clothing

9th Sold Watch for 25 dollars

10th The Reg't drawed new tents of the wedge kind

11th We got orders were to rais the tents but the order was countermanded

12th I got a letter from home & one from Walter

13th I answered yesterdays letters & it rained all the forenoon it cleared off in the afternoon

14th We got orders to put up log houses we put up the little tents to stay in till we got up the houses

15th We cut timber for the houses

16th Last night it rained hard & it rained so that we could not do much & there was a large whirlwind that took all the tents down in Co G, E, & K & killed a man in the 15th & killed a mule in our Corrille

17th We cut the rest of stuff of our house

18th I went to town to get some nails but could not get any

19th We got the logs hauled for the cabin & put it up to the plates

20th We coverd the house & began the fire place

21st We finished the house & I got a letter from J R Bishop

22nd I answered yesterday [letter]

23rd I am detailed cleaning up Camp

24th I went to Divission Comissary to get Sam's rations mony but did not get it but I got some dried apples & at night the boys made pies

25th I went to town after Sam's ration many but Office was closed could not get it

26th I got a letter from Father & one from Mary & got two papers Tribuns

27th I answered yesterdays letters Last night it rained hard

28th Had Brig'd inspection I had Ague in the afternoon

29th I got a letter from Sher home & a Magazine & two recruits came for our Co

30th I answered yesterdays letter from Sherman it rained all day

31st Last night it rained & this forenoon we mustered for pay & it turned cold & began to sift snow but soon stop
The Civil War Diary of Leonard Pierpont 1862 1865

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