Pension Record/Obituary

Grandville Henderson Bishop

Company G, 123rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Submitted by: John and Cindy McCachern

Pension Record of Granville Henderson Bishop

Military Record

1. 14 August 1863--Enrolled in the Civil War at Martinsville, Illinois, for three years.
2. 6 September 1862--Mustered into service at Mattoon, Illinois.
3. 6 Sept. to 31 October 1862--Listed as present
4. Jan, Feb. 1863--Absent, listed in hospital at Louisville, KY, since Nov. 30, 1862.
5. March, April 1863--Absent in Hospital at Louisville, KY
6. May, June 1863--Absent without leave since June 23, 1863. Now at home.
7. July, Aug. 1863--Present at roll call.
8. Sep, Oct, 1863--Present
9. Nov, Dec 1863--Absent, sick at Huntsville, Alabama, Dec. 24, 1863
10. Jan. Feb 1864--Absent, sick in hospital at Nashville, Tn, since Dec. 24, 1863.
11. 25 January 1864--Granville provided the following information:
a. born in Scott County, Virginia
b. age 39 years
c. occupation: farmer
d. enlisted: Aug. 14, 1862
e. where enlisted: Martinsville
f. term: 3 years
g. blue eyes and light hair
h. light complexion and height: 5 ft, 7 inches
i. mustered in: Mattoon
j. transferred from 123rd Illinois Infantry
k. listed a complain: Hernia

12. March, April 1864--Sick in hospital at Nashville, Tennessee. Private in 139 company, 2 battalion veteran reserve corps. He was stopped (charged) by order of Col. Simons for $25.
13. May, June 1864--Granville enrolled in company G, 123 Regiment, Illinois Infantry at Martinsville, Illinois, on Aug. 14, 1862 for three years. On June 26, 1864, he was transferred to Veterans Reserve Corps.
14. July, August 1864--Present. To be stopped (charged) for transportation while on furlough $3.80.
15. Sep, Oct 1864--Granville is a private in 139 company, 2 battalion veterans reserve corps and listed as present.
16. Nov, Dec 1864--Present
17. Jan, Feb 1864--Present
18. March, April 1865--Present
19. May, June 1865--Present
20. 28 June 1865--Granville, aged 38, transferred to the Invalid Corps at Nahsville, Tennessee, on June 26, 1864.
21. 30 June 1865--Granville mustered out of service at Nashville, Tennessee. Transferred from company G, 123 Illinois Volunteer Infantry April 10, 1864.

Pension Record

1. 19 April 1884--Granville Applies for pension--Granville Henderson Bishop, age 47, was enrolled on 1 August 1862 in Company G of 123rd regiment of Illinois Volunteers commanded by Col. James Monroe. Granville was discharged at Nashville, Tennessee, on June 1865. On October 18, 1862, at Perryville, Kentucky, he was injured by a spent ball striking on the right testicle. The injury occurred in line of duty at Green River, Kentucky, while guarding the Rail Road Bridge across said river. On or about the month of November 1862, he contracted chronic diarrhea. He was treated at Woodsonville, Kentucky, and in the hospital in the fall and winter 1863. Since leaving the service, he has lived in Clark County, Illinois and Vigo County, Indiana.

2. State of Illinois, Clark County--Personally appeared before me a justice of the peace. Granville H. Bishop applicant for original invalid pension after being duly sworn according to law declares as follows that he is unable to comply with the requirements of the pension office as to furnishing the affidavits of Dr. Bell of Terre Haute, Indiana, showing his medical treatment for period from fall of 1865 to winter of 1867 for the reasons that I was day labor and the physician would not come to see me. Me being poor and without his fee in advance thereby keeping no record of the case and the Dr. being dead. I respectfully ask that affidavits of other persons who may have knowledge of the above treatment maybe accepted.

Granville (X) H. Bishop

Witnesses: M. G. Owen, C. T. Huey

3. 29 July 1884--Clark County, Illinois--On this 29th day of July 1884, personally appeared before me H. Black, clerk of the county court of said county and state aforesaid. Jacob Brunner aged 70 years and Isaac Terrill, aged 23 years, who being duly sworn, state that they were acquainted with Granville H. Bishop, prior to enlistment in the U. S. Service in the war of 1861-1865, and know that he was free from chronic diarrhea, prior to his enlistment in the army. And that he was an able bodied man at that time. That since his discharge from the army, he has been afflicted with said chronic diarrhea.

Jacob Brunner
Isaac Terrill
John Huey

4. 31 July 1884--General Affidavit by Granville Bishop--Henry C. Howel, age 51, a resident of Martinsville of Clark County, Illinois. Henry said he had known Granville for 22 years. Granville was a private in Company G, 123 Regiment Illinois Volunteers. While in line of duty at the battle of Perryville, Ky, he was infirmed as he stated by a spent ball striking his right testicle October 8, 1862. I was there, orderly sergeant of his company and the next day after the battle, he showed me his condition. My memory is that it was very much swollen. While at Mumfordsville, Ky, during the winter of 1862, he was troubled with diarrhea and was considerably reduced in flesh and being unable for duty was sent back to the hospital at Louisville, Kentucky. On his return to the company in July 1863, he was somewhat improved but soon after, in fall or winter, I think in December 1863, was sent with some other invalids to Nashville, Tennessee, some time after he was transferred to the invalid corps.

5. 15 January 1898--Pension report by Granville Bishop
a. said was married to Elizabeth Bishop need Elizabeth Gess.
b. They were married December 24, 1834, at Shelbyville, Shelby county, Indiana, by Justice of Peace. (Note: This is an error). He was married one time.
c. Children living: Josiah Bishop, born November 1, 1844, Barney Bishop, born January 1, 1850; Amanda Bishop, born December 28, 1852; Sarah Bishop, born July 16, 1859; Douglas Bishop, born April 1, 1862; Rosa Bishop, born March 11, 1866.

6. 21 April 1908--A marriage license was filed from Shelby County, Indiana, showing the marriage date given in the pension application was in error. Granville H. Bishop and Elizabeth Guess were married 24 December 1846 in Shelby Co, Indiana, by William E. Midkiff, Justice of the Peace.

7. 29 April 1908--Declaration of Widows Pension--Elizabeth Bishop, past 90 years of age, living in Paris, Illinois, declares she is the widow of Granville H. Bishop.
--Granville enlisted at Marshall Aug. 14, 1862, in Company G, 123rd regiment, Illinois Infantry Volunteers.
--Granville was transferred to the invalid corps June 26, 1864, and was discharged at Nashville, Tn, June 30, 1865.
--Granville died April 11, 1908, at Paris, Illinois.
--Elizabeth was married under the name of Elizabeth Guess to Granville H. Bishop on 24 December 1832 by Squire Metcalfe at Shelbyville, Indiana.

Elizabeth (X) Bishop
Witnesses: Harvey A. James, Angeline Bishop

8. 1 May 1908--Pension Support Letter By Harvey James--Elizabeth Bishop, widow of Granville H. Bishop, late of Company G, 123rd Illinois Infantry and 139 Company, Second Battalion Veterans Reserved Corps, applied for a widows pension. Harvey A. James, a former neighbor of Granville H. Bishop, living in Paris, Illinois, writes the following:

Harvey said he knew Granville since 1888. He lived next door to Granville for ten years. Granville lived in Paris, Illinois, as husband and wife up to the time of his death on April 11, 1908, and they were never divorced. And the said Elizabeth Bishop has not remarried since the death of her late husband, Granville H. Bishop, but still remains his widow. It is my understanding that when they were married it was the first marriage of both and I never hear anything to the contrary. I attended the funeral and burial of the said Granville H. Bishop and his remains were buried in the Edgar Cemetery in Paris, Illinois. He, the said Granville H. Bishop, was a pensioner at $24 per month. I am not related to the Bishops. I visited him in the evening before he died.

Harvey A. James

9. 1 May 1908--General Affidavit--312 E. Madison Street, Paris, Illinois--Elizabeth Bishop filed the following general affidavit. That she is the widow of Granville H. Bishop and the claimant in the above cited claim and hereby certifies that neither she nor her husband had been married prior to their marriage to each other on December 24, 1846. That her statement in the application that she was married December 24, 1832, was a mistake as she is getting old and without any family record she did not really know the date of her marriage until she received a copy of marriage license from the clerk of circuit court of Shelby County, Indiana.

Elizabeth (X) Bishop

10. 8 May 1908--Paris, Edgar County, Illinois--We are personally acquainted with Elizabeth Bishop and was acquainted with her husband Granville H. Bishop before his death and know of our own knowledge that neither she the claimant nor her husband had any property real or personal except their household goods which consist of two beds and bedding, two stoves, twelve chairs, one dining table, one dresser, one carpet, all would be valued at about twenty-five dollars. We further state her income in nothing. There is no one legally bound to support her. Sylvester Sims, Treasa Sims

11. 8 August 1910--Elizabeth Bishop was dropped from the pension list.

12. 21 July 1910--Dr. Creaton states Elizabeth Bishop was senile, diarrhea and carcinoma of the breast and stomach.

13. 12 August 1910--Sylvester Sims, a grandson, aged 32, living in Paris, Illinois, applied for burial expenses for Elizabeth Bishop.
--He was married
--Elizabeth died of cancer
--Elizabeth became sick, July 5, 1910
--Doctor: F. G. Creator
--Elizabeth lived in Glass Factory Addition, Paris, Illinois
--Sylvester Sims lived 1004 Broom Street, Paris, Illinois

Obituary of Grandville Henderson Bishop (Paris (IL) Daily Beacon, Saturday,
11 April 1908)

Civil War Veteran Granville H. Bishop Dead at age of Ninety Five

Was A Native of Virginia

Grandville Henderson Bishop, veteran of the civil war, died of old age at his home No. 312 East Madison street, about 8:30 o'clock on Friday night, aged about 95 years.

Mr. Bishop was born in Scott county Virginia, May 17, 1813, and emigrated to Indiana about 1830, where he was married to Elizabeth Suess Dec. 24, 1832. About 1840 the family emigrated to Illinois. Mr. Bishop is survived by his aged widow and six children--three sons and three daughters. Josiah, the oldest son, is a veteran of the civil war as well as his father, but they did not both serve in the same regiment; Barney, the second son, also is a resident of this city; Amanda Pharis, the oldest daughter, resides in Terre Haute; Mrs. Belle Sims, wife of Jesse Sims, is a resident of Paris; Douglas Bishop resides in the city; and Mrs. Rosa Hayworth, resides near Prairieton, Ind.

Deceased was a member of Co. G, 123rd Illinois volunteer Infantry, and was in all the battles from Perryville, Ky. to Chickamauga, Tenn., and has an honorable military record throughout. He received a pension, and was a member of Driskell Post, No. 209, G. A. R. of this city, under whose auspices the funeral will be conducted.

The funeral will take place at 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, and interment will be made in Edgar cemetery.

The funeral will take place at 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, and interment will be made in Edgar cemetery.

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