Biography/Pension Record

Mathias Nidey

Company G, 63rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Submitted by: John and Cindy McCachern

From Star Newspaper, Clark Co, IL (Feb. 6, 1914)

Fortune has smiled on well known old couple West York, IL, Feb 6. Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Nidey are among the best known old people in this neighborhood. Mr. Nidey was born in Newark County, OH and in his early life was a canal boatman. He came to Illinois with his father's family in 1861. He served through the Civil War on the gunboat Flotilla which went down the Mississippi from Cairo. On his return from the war he took up the trade of a plasterer and until 1872 when he married Nancy Jane Bailiff. They bought a farm two miles west of West York and have since lived there. Mrs. Nidey was born in Clark County, Illinois in 1853. She was the daughter of the Rev. Thomas Baliff, one of the pioneer preachers of the state. Mr. and Mrs. Nidey have prospered and now own property worth about $10,000. They have seven children and fourteen grandchildren.

Pension Record of Mathias Nidey (1844-1916), Melrose Twp, Clark Co, IL

Affidavit Showing evidence of date of birth
Mathias Nidey
Co. G, 63rd Illinois Infantry
District of Colorado

Mathias Nidey, of Springfield, Colorado, being first duly sworn, deposes and says: that he is the identical person who holds duplicate Pension Certificate No. 354559, and the identical person who on July 15, 1844, was born near Newark, in Licken County, Ohio, and enlisted on Dec. 1st, 1861, at Hutsonville, Crawford County, Ill, in Co "G", 63rd Illinois infantry, and was discharged at Vicksburg, Miss, Jan 18th, 1865; that he is wholly unable to furnish a copy of a bible record showing the date of his birth on account of the bible which contained said record being destroyed in a cyclone on April 23rd, 1914, in Baca County, Colorado, in which he lost all his effects; that in 1850 he lived with his parents Vinson Nidey and Areun Nidey, in Newark, Licken County, Ohio; that to the best of his recollection, he moved with his parents to Monterey, Shelby County, Ohio, in 1855, and about 1857 moved to New Mount Pleasant, Jay County, Indiana; that in December, 1860, he moved with his parents to or near Hutsonville, Crawford County, Illinois, where he was living with his parents at the date of his enlistment.

Sworn: Aug. 11, 1914, Springfield, Baca County, Mathias Nidey

1. Marshall C. Woods of Marion County, Indiana, with a Indianapolis Post Office gave the following information concerning Mathias Nidey. He said he enlisted with Mathias in Co "G" 63rd Illinois Infantry Volunteers and served with him on U. S. Ram Switzerland. He said Mathias was healthy when he enlisted and contacted chronic diarrhea during June 1862 and was treated by the Surgeon of the fleet Dr. James Roberts during the remainder of his service. He said he was present at Milligan Bend in the summer of 1863 when the wheel of the gun carriage ran over the great toe of the right foot of Mathias Nidey while on duty. June 8, 1886.

2. William Pointer was mustered into Co "F" of 63rd regiment on May 17, 1862 and was detached with Mathias Nidey to Elliot's Ram Fleet. He said Nidey contacted diarrhea from drinking impure water from the Mississippi river in June 1862. Nidey still suffers from the disease. Pointers P. O. address is Joppa, Hendrick Co, Indiana. Oct. 2, 1866.

3. Eldridge K. Hand of Hutsonville state he has known Mathias Nidey since Jan. 1864. Nidey is disabled from chronic diarrhea and only able to work about one half time. Feb. 6, 1887.

4. Dr. Henry Megeath of West York has treated Mathias Nidey for chronic diarrhea since the spring of 1878. Oct. 26, 1886.

5. Dec. 4, 1883--Mathias Nidey, Pvt Co "G", 63rd Regiment, Illinois Volunteers. Enrolled Dec 1, 1861, Crawford Co for 3 years; permently transferred to Mississippi Ram Fleet Feb 4, 1863; re-enlisted a veteran volunteer Jan 4, 1864, in Co "A", Mississippi Marine Brigade; mustered out with company Jan 18, 1865, at Vicksburg, Mississippi. No evidence of disabilities. Books of Ram Switzerland and Reg't Hospital records of 63rd Illinois Volunteers and marine Brigade not on file.

6. Feb. 7, 1887--William Eaton, M.D., surgeon on Mississippi Ram Fleet under direction of Col. Charles Elliott,, said he treated Mathias Nidey during the summer 1862 for acute diarrhea while on the U.S. Ram Switzerland. He also treated the great toe of the right foot run over by the gun carriage.

7. Oct. 26, 1916--pensioner died.

Mathias Nidey's Civil War "War" Record

1. Enlisted Dec 1, 1861, Crawford Co, Ill (Robinson) for a 3 yr term as private Co "G", 63rd Illinois infantry.
2. May 16, 1862--detached for service on Mississippi Ram Fleet--Ram Switzerland--by order of the war Dept.
3. June to Dec 1862 serving Co "A", Ram Fleet, Mississippi Marine Brigade--Ram Switzerland.
4. jan-Dec, 1863 serving on Ram Switzerland
5. Feb. 11, 1863--permenantly transferred to Mississippi Ram Fleet.
6. Jan 4, 1864--re-enrolled at natchez, Mississippi and Feb 27, 1864 mustered in at Vicksbur, Mississippi. Re-enlisted as veteran Volunteer.
7. March 8-April 20, 1864, on furlough.
8. May-Dec, 1864, serving on Ram Switzerland.
9. Jan. 18, 1865 mustered out at Vicksburg, Mississippi; last paid to Aug 31, 1864; clothing money--$31.52; entitled to mileage to Springfield.
10. When re-enlisted Jan 4, 1864, gave following information;
a. 20 yrs age
b. 5 ft, 6 1/12 inches tall
c. black eyes, dark hair
d. born Licking co, Ohio
e. Occupation; Laborer
f. Co A, Marine Reg't U.S. Vol. Infantry

1. May 22, 1912--Mathias Nidey, age 67, resident of West York. Had to reapply for pension under the pension act of May 11, 1912. Witnessed: J. N. Lindley and William Holiday.

2. Jan. 29, 1917--Mathias Nidey died Oct. 26, 1916.

3. Jan 15, 1898--
--married to Nancy Jane Bailiff
--married July 23, 1871, Clark Co, IL, by Esq. Iradell Evans
--list of living children:
Thos. V. Nidey Feb 29, 1872
Edwin Nidey Feb. 19, 1876
Lucinda Reynolds June 1, 1878
Mathias Nidey, Jr. Dec 19, 1880
Chalkley Nidey June 11, 1884
John Nidey Oct 8, 1888
Naoma Nidey July 25, 1892
Emmaline (dead) March 18, 1874
Areaun (dead) May 11, 1886

4. March 15, 1915
--born July 15, 1844, Licking Co., Ohio
--served Co "G" 63rd Ill infantry then in Mississippi River Ram Fleet then Co "A" First Marine Reg't
--P. O. at enlistment was Hutsonville, Crawford Co, IL
--wife Nancy Jane Bailiff
--married July 23, 1871, at bride's home 2 miles West of West York in Clark Co, IL, by Aradell Evans
--his wife was killed in cyclone on April 23, 1914, in Baca Co, Colo.

5. Aug. 18, 1883
--Mathias Nidey, 38 yr., living Melrose
--June 6, 1862, contracted diahrrea after drinking river water

6. July 17, 1914
--born July 15, 1844, near Newark, Lickin Co, Ohio
--enlisted Dec. 1, 1861, at Hutsonville, Crawford Co, Ill
--lived 1 yr at Hutsonville before enlistment
--discharged Jan 18, 1865, at Vicksburg, Mississippi
--following the war lived at Hutsonville and since 1872 lived in Melrose Twp
--was plaster from 1873 to 1894
--injury--a cannon wheel cut about 1 inch off his big toe

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