Edward Harrison Moffett

Company B, 154th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Military Biography

26th May 1862:

Edward Harrison Moffett age 26 years, enlisted in the Union Army at Youngsville Ohio, with Capt Roswell Shirtlett's Company "B" of the 84th Ohio Infantry Volunteers. He was mustered-in at Camp Chase and was enrolled to serve 3 months.

20th Sept. 1862:

He was discharged by reason of expiration of his enlistment. It was noted that "No objection to his being re-enlisted was know to exist".

15th February 1865:

Edward Harrison Moffett was enrolled at Camp Danville, Illinois as a recruit in the 154th Regiment of the Illinois Infantry Volunteers to serve 1 year during the war. This was given at Camp Delaware, Ohio.

22nd February 1865:

Certificate of Appointment: Edward H Moffett was appointed Second Sergeant of Company "B" 154th Regiment of Illinois Infantry Volunteers. By Commanding Officer WT Dickhut & M F Wood Commanding the Regiment.

9th June 1865:

Edward H Moffett was Discharged from "B" Company of the 154th Regiment of the Illinois Infantry Volunteers by reason of his Appointment as 2nd Lieutenant. By Lt Col. Swanwick. (sp)

18 September 1865:

Edward H Moffett 2nd Lt of Captain Edward Summers Company "B" 154th Regiment Illinois Infantry Volunteers is here by Discharged from the service this 18th day of September 1865 at Nashville Tennessee by reason of [this line is not understandable to me] So at 68 HdQtrs Dept of Tenn. No reason to his not being re-enlisted is known to exist. By Lt Col Swanwick Commander of the Regiment.

On my Great Grand-Mothers Pension Certificate [No. 750895 ] it states that he also served in the 19th Illinois Infantry Volunteers.

I copied the above information from his original military papers, but I have nothing on his serving in the 19th Illinois infantry Volunteers ".

Many thanks to Lee Fraychineaud who submitted this information.

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