John A. Martin

33rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry

99th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

John a Martin. 33rd. 99th, pioneer core
John contacted measels while in Arcadia Mo. Feb 1862.
Was being treated at the brigade hospital in Arcadia. Mo.
A dr. Rex was regim. surgeon had him trans. to a private home for better care.
He was never retuned to active duty because of hid health.
He trans. to 99th and was gaurding rebel prisoners to Elmira new york.
Also it seems he took some to espranos Texas.
When he was discharged after the war he was given$4.00 a month pension.
He married and had 5 children.
2 girls died young and his wife Polly Kinney Martin died giving birth to one of the girls.
John was unable to take care of the boys and they were put in the orphange in Bloomington Il. this was built for civil war orphans.
The boys we beliave were in there for about 6 years.
He got them back and he died in 1898.
Some time in 1887 he petiosned the state for $12.oo a month.
Have several statements from Dc. and friends written in his behalf.
Telling what a strong man and strong heart he had before the war and saying he was not half the man he had been.
As far as we know he never got the raise.
A.l. martin grand son of John.
Have to thank my wife Carole for all the hard work researching this info.

Submitted by A. I. Martin

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