General Affidavit

State of Illinois

County of Vermilion

In the matter of claim no. of William Martin Late Priv. Co. "C" 73rd Regt. Ills. Vol.Infty. for Invalid Pension

Personally came before me, Pleasant West a Notary Public in and for aforesaid County and State, Alfred E. Lewis aged 39 years, a citizen of the Town of Georgetown County of Vermilion State of Illinois and who, being duly qualified in relation to aforesaid case as follows:

I was personally acquainted with William Martin, the claimant, while he was a solider in Co. "C" 73rd Regt . Ills Vol. Inty. during his service as such, in the army of the late rebellion, by reason of being a member of the same Company and Regiment with him.

I remember that while we were engaged in the battle of Peachtree Creek in Georgia. I think on the twentieth (20th) day of July A.D. 1864. he and I were standing as immediate comrades in rank. during which time he was wounded on or about the top of his head by a musket ball, from which blood began to flow down over his face and person, when I noticed it and remarked to other comrades that Bill Martin is Killed dead as the Devil whenupon he answered "You are a God dammed liar"!

Immediately after the wound he seemed in the act of falling to the ground, but soon revived and was able to make the exclamation, or answer above quoted,--I never knew haw bad the result was of said wound, but I remember that after receiving it he was absent from the Company for quite a while.

Since discharged I know but little about him as I have not seen him for some ten years. But I remember that he was a good soldier to perform his duties and remain with his command as much as possible.

Many thanks to Kyle M. Condon who submitted this information.

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