Obituaries of Civil War Soldiers

from Hardin County, Illinois

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BARNERD, John, Co. C, 131st Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 168 - Peters Creek Cemetery - John Barnerd, Cpl. Col. F 131 Ill. Inf. Oct. 18, 1845-July 31, 1930.) From the Hardin County Independent, Aug. 21, 1930. John Barnerd, late of Co. F, 131st Ill. Inf. Said soldier was born Oct. 18, 1845 and was approaching his 85th milestone in journey of life when death ended his long and painful suffering, July 31, 1930. A few years after discharge he was married and had several children. The deceased requested that Revs. A. J. Clanton and R. J. Reed preach the funeral. Professed religion and joined the Gen. Baptist Church at Rock Creek at age of 24 years and lived faithful servant until death. There never was a family in Hardin County, perhaps, who lived more agreeably and happily who were poor than did this worthy and highly honorable couple for 63 years and reared an honorable and upright family. The deceased was a man of pleasing and winning personality and made friends all with whom he met. Mr. Barnerd had misfortune to become totally blind for some 10 or 15 years prior to his death, and in addition to this his mental faculties became impaired to such an extent that he failed to recognize his old time friends by their voice, by which means he had for some time recognized them. He had for last few years required constant care and attention of someone to prevent him from doing injury to someone or himself. His oldest son, Allen, because of his strength and knowledge of his father's requirements, moved into the house with him, and gave him constant attention for last two years. This old soldier, who is survived by a lovable and highly respected wife and six children, many relatives and friends, found a last resting place in the beautiful Peters Creek Cemetery. Obit by J. A. Oxford.

BOYD, Paiden, Co. A, 29th Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 199 - Mt. Zion Cemetery, Payton Boyd, Col. A. 29 Ill. Inf. 1815-1912.)

BOYD, Robert D., Co. A, 29th Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 189 - Cave-in-Rock Cemetery, Robert D. Boyd 1842-1907. On same stone: Nancy E. Boyd 1857-1936)

BURRIS, Richmond, Co. C, 48th Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 169 - Peters Creek Cemetery - Richmond Burris, Co. 48 Ill. Inf. Civil War - no dates.)

CARR, J. M., Co. C, 54th Kentucky Cavalry.

COOK, William F., Co. H, 8th Kentucky Cavalry. From the Hardin County Independent, May 20, 1915: Wm. F. Cook, born 1836 and died 14 May 1915, age 79y 1 m 22d. Married Francis L. BOOTH, 1872. To union born 8 children, 6 of whom preceded father. Surviving, Harriet & James. The daughter since death of her month has kept house for father at family home. Professed faith in Christ 40 years ago. Soldier of Civil War. After funeral services by writer & Bro. J. M. Lowry, he was laid to rest in Dutton Cemetery. Obituary writer, A. J. Clanton. (Note: Adams-Irby Cemetery: William F. Cook, Co. H, Ky. Cav., No dates listed. Place of burial in obit listed as Dutton Cemetery. There are some Duttons buried in the Adams-Irby Cemetery.)

DOSSETT, I. F., Co. C, 48th Illinois Infantry.

DOWNEY, Henry Clay, Co. C, 48th Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 57 - Pell Cemetery - Henry Clay Downey, Cpt. Co. C. 48 Ill. Inf. Civil War. May 9, 1844-Dec. 1, 1911. On same stone, Artmissa REED Downey, May 4, 1842-no death date.) From the Hardin County Independent, Jan. 31, 1924. OBIT of his wife Artimissa REED Downey. She was born in Hardin County, Ill. May 4, 1842. Married Henry Clay Downey, Jan. 10, 1871. To union born 4 children: Mrs. Jennie HUMM of Hardin Co., Mrs. E. R. KIBLER of Rosiclare and Mrs. George KEELING, Rosiclare all of whom survive. Husband deceased Dec. 13 (?), 1911. Also leaves one brother, Louis REED of Harrisburg, Ill., age 80 years, and one sister, Mrs. Martha MARTIN of Hardin Co. Ill., age 84 years. Thirteen grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Deceased died at her home Jan. 20, 1924, age 81 yrs. 8 mos. 16 days. Funeral Christian Church at Rosiclare, Jan. 22, 1924 by W. S. Hoke. Buried in old Rosiclare Cemetery. Obit by W. S. Hoke.

DOWNEY, William, Co. C, 48th Illinois Infantry. From the Hardin County Independent, Sept. 14, 1923: Obit by J. A. Oxford. William Downey died at Oklahoma City, Okla., Aug. 3, after painful illness of several years, primarily to senile debility. He was born St. 18, 1840, and was 89 yrs., 11 mos. and 13 das. at time of death. He lived about the first ___ years of his life in Rosiclare, during that time he was married four times. To his first marriage two children were born but lived only a few years. His second marriage was to Emma DIMICK, who bore him two children, a girl and a boy. The girl died before she was grown, and the boy, Charles, is still living and is the only child he leaves. The last two marriages were childless. While in prime of youthful manhood Mr. Downey entered the United States service, being among the first to enter the Civil War from this county, enlisting and leaving Sept. 1, 1861, in Co. C. 48th Ill. Inf. and after four years' service was discharged and came home in 1865. Affiliated with Christian Church and Empire Lodge I.O.O.F. Uncle Bill as he was called, left Rosiclare some 30 odd years ago, and spent most of his time in Oklahoma, but kept in touch with folks here through the Independent, for which for several years he was a regular correspondent and his letters were read by Independent readers. His remains found a last resting place by Oklahoma Odd Fellows in a nice burying ground in the state.

DRIVER, Ira E., Co. C, 48th Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 89 - Vinyard #1 Cemetery, Elvira Driver daughter of Rev. W. M. and Mary Vinyard, wife of Rev. Ira E. Driver - Oct. 23, 1847-no date. Rev. Ira E. Driver - 1st Lieut. Co. C 48 Ill. Inf. Civil War - Feb. 11, 1838-Oct. 16, 1906. Both on same stone.)

FRAILEY, William, Co. D, 48th Kentucky Infantry and Co. K, 26th Kentucky Infantry.

GINGER, Daniel V., Co. C, 48th Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 97 - Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Daniel V. Ginger, Oct. 1, 1826-Mary 3, 1914, erected by daughter Lucy A. IRBY). Daniel V. Ginger was born Oct. 1st 1826; died May 3rd 1914 aged 88 years 7 months and 2 days. He was born and raised on the farm now owned by George W. Joyce on Big Creek near Pleasant Hill. He married Ann HICKS and to this union were born twelve children, four boys and eight girls. Uncle Dan as he was commonly called was a most kind and generous hearted man without education, but he had strong mental faculties. At one time he owned an entire section of land on which he settled soon after his marriage. In 1844 he was converted and joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Pleasant Hill and at time of his death was a member of that body at Central. In 1861 when the rebellion broke out he enlisted as a volunteer for three months or during the entire war and was made a recruiting officer and was honorably discharged. During the last 15 yrs. of his life he was looked after and cared by by his granddaughter, Miss Lucy SPIVY who proved to be a granddaughter indeed overlooking and administering to his wants. On May 5th, 1914 the remains were brought from Rosiclare where he died to Pleasant Hill Cemetery for interment. After a very impressive funeral discourse by Rev. Henry Joyce all that was mortal of Uncle Dan was laid to await the resurrection. Furnished by Jonas Spivy.

GOBLE, Ross T., Co. L, 6th Illinois Cavalry. (HCC BK, page 167 - Peters Creek Cemetery. Ross T. Goble, R. L. 6 Ill. Cav. Civil War, died May 17, 1909, age 66 yrs. Married Susan Nancy DAVIS in 1878, who was the daughter of Geo. and Mary Davis. She was born Feb. 20, 1857 and diec Oct. 22, 1930. Susan Nancy Goble listed Cave Hill Cemetery HCC BK, page 178, Feb. 20, 1858 (?)-Oct. 17(?), 1930.)

GREGORY, John M., Co. A, 48th Kentucky Infantry. (HCC BK, page 189 - Cave-in-Rock Cemetery - John M. Gregory April 14, 1838-May 24, 1914 (same stone) Harriet C. Gregory, his wife, Dec. 28, 1844-July 28, 1935.) From the Hardin County Independent: Captain J. M. Gregory of Cave in Rock died May 24th from cancer, age 76. Born 14 apr 1838. Strange coincidence marked death of this veteran in that he died at practically same hour on same day of the week as did his father. At the age of 24 he enlisted in service of U.S. Army for period of one year and later enlisted for another year, 10 July 1863 and in 1864 enlisted again. Rose from private to captain. Served 48th Ky. Regt. At close of rebellion came home to Hardin Co. and located on farm two miles north of Cave in Rock where he resided until about 1878. Moved to Cave in Rock and engaged in mercantile business in commercial as well as retail way. Shipped large quantities of farm produce by flat boat. Later retired to his farm and devoted rest of his life farming and stock raising. United with General Baptists Church at Old Smyrna 1869 and remained member as long as church existed. After extinction of that church joined the M.E. Church, Cave in Rock. Surviving are wife, sons, daughter.

HART, Henry, Co. K, 136th Illinois Infantry.

HEDITHAN, D., Co. D, 13th Kentucky Infantry.

HOLBROOK, Joseph R., Co. C, 48th Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 64 - Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Sgt. Joseph R. HOLBROOK, Co. C 48 Ill. Inf., Sept. 4, 1842 - Sept. 9, 1925, 83 y d (same stone) Della HOLBROOK, 1872-1933. From the Hardin County Independent, Oct. 1, 1925: Joseph R., HOLBROOK was born in Hardin Co., Ill., Sept. 4, 1842, and died Sept. 9, 1925, at age of 83 yrs. and 5 das. Enlisted in co. C., 48th Ill. Inf. Vols. Sept. 1, 1862, as corporal, and Mars. 22, 1865, he was appointed 2nd Sergeant, which position he held until discharged Aug. 15, 1865. Some time after the Civil War closed, he was married to Miss Kate TOLBERT, by whom he had seven children, 2 of whom died in infancy, and but one is now living. His first wife died July 31, 1897, and Sept. 30, 1900, he married Mrs. Della ROSE, by whom he had six children, 2 of whom died in infancy. His last wife and four of her children by him and one by his first marriage and one brother, Samuel HOLBROOK, survive him. He and his first wife belonged to the Baptist Church at Peters Creek. We do not remember of ever knowing so many noted events in one's life history happening in the same month, as is disclosed in this obituary. He enlisted in the United States service Sept. 1, was born Sept. 4, died Sept. 9, was buried Sept. 10 and was married the second time Sept. 30. Our deceased friend spent his entire life on a farm until a few years ago, when his health became so bad that he could not perform any manual labor, and he moved to town.

HOWARD, Philip J., Co. A, 29th Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 55 - Howard Cemetery - Philip Howard, Capt. Co. A. 29 Ill. Inf. Civil War. Mar. 11, 1840-Feb. 27, 1911. On same stone, Sarah J. Howard, his wife, Jan. 23, 1843-Feb. 27, 1924.)

JOHNSON, Aaron S., 2nd Illinois L.R.H. (HCC BK, page 177 and Hardin County Independent, 1938: Aaron S. Johnson, Sept. 13, 1842-July 18, 1917. Married Mary Ann JACKSON, Nov. 11, 1874, daughter of Thomas and Lucy JACKSON. She was born Aug. 15, 1856, Smithland, Ky. and died Dec 5, 1938. Both are buried at Cave Hill Cemetery.

LASATER, Thomas J., Co. G, 29th Illinois Infantry. (HCC BK, page 168 - Peters Creek Cemetery - Thomas J. Lasater Co. C, 29 Ill. Inf. Civil War - no dates). From Hardin County Obituary Book, page 42, by Jeanette Gray. Thomas J. Lasater - born June 6, 1841 at Hamilton Co. Ill. - Died Dec. 7, 1916, Hardin Co. Ill. Married Malissa Ellen DECKER, 1878. Had eleven children of which six survived him: Mrs. HOUSE, Mrs. Mary PAGE, James Connie, Gladys, Robert.

LEDBETTER, Millington, Co. D, 48th Kentucky and Co. E, 26th Kentucky. (HCC BK, page 72 - Lavender #1 Cemetery - Millington Ledbetter, Co. A 28 Ill. Inf. Civil War, no dates listed.)

LEE, Charles, Co. A, 29th Illinois Infantry (HCC BK, page 138 - Lee Cemetery, Cpl. Chas. Lee, Co. A, Reg. T. Inf., Feb. 3, 1839-April 22, 1907. Wife of Chas. Lee, maria Lee, July 16, 1843-March 26, 1916.)

Many thanks to H. C. Davis who submitted this information.

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