E. W. Atwood Letter

Letter from E. W. Atwood to J. Amanda Buffum

This information was submitted by Carol Cathers. Carol submitted photocopies of the original letters. Unfortunately, they could not be scanned so that they would be readable.

Absent Friend

It is with pleasure that I seat myself once more to answer your kind letter which I rec'd with much joy for it does seem joyful to receive letters bearing good news from home and friends.

We are all well here in the Army as could be expected. The weather is very warm here and the vegitation is very forward here in comparison to Knox County Ill.

I am glad to hear you are going to teaching school and I wish you good success and prosperity in your new occupation. It seems but a few short months since we were little school children together, but, alas! how swift the moments fly. The present times finds me way down in the "Sunny South" or "Land of Dixie" with a gun on my shoulder fighting in defence of our country, while you are about to engage in a far different and more worthy and honorable business teaching the young juveniles of America the upward path of honor, peace and prosperity which is "Knowledge", but I must stop this for we are all in something of a hurry although I think not much excited although we expect to be in another battle in less than six hours. Please excuse this short letter, I must write a few lines to olive, write soon and receive the best wishes of your friend and well wisher.

E. W. Atwood

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