Elias W. Smith

Company I, 34th Illinois Volunteer Infantry


Elias W. Smith enlisted in Company I of the 34th Illinois Infantry at Galena, Carroll County, Illinois in 1861. He remained with his company and saw action up until Murfreesboro, Tennessee. There he was wounded some time between 31 December 1862 and 2 January 1863. He remained on the battlefield for several days and then was removed to an Army Hospital where he died from pneumonia, exposure, dysentery, and kidney failure.

My grandmother visited his gravesite many years ago. He is buried at marker number 2938, aisle F, section H.

His son, Thomas J. Smith, also served in the 34th Illinois Infantry, Company C which later became Company C, 92nd Regiment, 65th Illinois Infantry.

Elias' son-in-law, Henry Souders, also served from Carroll County.

Many thanks to Jacie (Law) Wing-Muxfeldt who submitted this information.

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