Robert Park Drake

59th Illinois Volunteer Infantry


Camp near Acworth Station   Georga         june   9th. 64.  Dear Mother.                              

I am well we are 30 miles from atlanta  on the Chattanooga and Atlanta R.R. about 9 or 10 miles from  Dallas where we had the last fight the casualaties in our regament was light compared with some others 2 killed and  8 wounded  peaterson of co. H was shot threw the hart and  a recruit of co. G was shot threw the back and was killed Asa Chapman of our co. was sot threw the top of the sholders and chin no bones injured heard from him yeas- terday he is getting along first rate  Woods Division 4 Core lost heavy in a charge near 16 hundred killed and wounded and prisners it may fall short of that in the oficial report the 3 Wis  was cut up considerable the 22 Wis lost some and of Tom Grays sons was killed at Resica ward was wounded threw the arm  I saw Diney and Son and Denison at Casville they were well the 5 Battery boys are all well. I saw Silas Drake and Tilion they wer well. We dont hear much from th patomac but we are all confident of success there and here the great struggle  has to come yet Jontson will make a stand 4 miles this sid of Atlanta we think.  he is well forti fied but he will be flanked and driven out and will have to  fight us on open ground I am shure we can lick him the hole armey is in good spirits and  shure of success. We had orders to martch this morning at 6 the orders was countermand ed  we will go tomorrow mor ning at 6  William has not come up yet I hope he wont till this campaign is over I hapend to get some stamps from the other boys an I could not hav wrat it soon ire I will again the  first opportunity Robbert Drake.

(top margin ) Tell me who went in the  100 day survice that i new  


Forward to victory  Rolla Feb 21st  62

Dear brother         

i hav not heard from you sins you left Camp La Mine  i have wrote twice and   i cold not get no answ er  i dont know whither you are with the Regament or not i hav bin moveing round so mutch i could not get an answer if yo hav wrote i left St. Louis the 19th and arived here safe we went to head quarters and  they sent us to the barrac ks  there was plenty of wood and a good stove there is 6 boys from the from the 9th here Herrington and neighbors fro our co. Yocum is in St.   Peterson and Lath are in the  hospitle at St. Louis ye they had furlous and i think Peterson wet home i do not know whethe i will go any farthe or not there is a train starts out the 24th there is some where near a 100 men  her framth has jittles we wer sent out to  giv room for the w ounded they are bring ing them from Ft. Donae lson   i was most we ll but sins i left St. Louis i hav bin worse it goes hard with me t  gout in the cold you must hav had a hard time  i got a letter from  home at St. Louis and  they wer all well ex cept Willy she was sick but not vary bad i will not write any  more till i hear  from y them will giv you the feste lers direct your letters to Rolla and write on the double quick if it aint but to lis y     Robbert Drake

Submitted by: Dave Drake

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