Decoration Day Exercises

Submitted by: John and Cindy McCachern

Decoration Day Exercises, Hutsonville (IL) Herald


Decoration Day was appropriately observed Wednesday by exercises at the old cemetery, which were well attended, though many were detained by threatening weather. Excellent music was rendered by a double quartet, and Hon. E. Callahan of Robinson, delivered an address which was greatly appreciated. Mr. Callahan was a resident of Hutsonville at the time when volunteers were called for the civil war and his reminiscences of events of those days were indeed interesting. He also named the veterans who are buried at this place, giving a little history of each comrade. Mr. Callahan has bright hopes of the nation's future, of the honesty and courage of it's citizens and says that though there may not be contests of physical forces demanding our attention, there are industrial and political problems whose solution require our very best efforts. He deplored political chicanery and referred to the primary law recently enacted in this state as an evidence of the people's wishes being throttled, saying, "We asked for bread and they gave us a stone, we asked for an egg and they gave us a scorpion." Though up-ward of 80 years of age Mr. Callahan is yet an able speaker, and his address Wednesday was indeed one of much merit. There are 51 veterans sleeping in the cemeteries here, Captain Smith, J. T. Stark and John M. Barlow having seen service in the Mexican and Indian wars. The last named held a commission as Major in the U. S. army. Thomas Markley, who was captain of the first company that left Hutsonville, is buried in the old cemetery. He was killed at the battle of Belmont, and was the first soldier from Crawford county to die in service. The post at this place is named in his memory. The names of the other soldiers who were buried here follow:

W. G. M. Pierce Richard Stanfield
Thomas Mise Charles Evereleth
Vincent Nidey John Bridwell
Simpson Bridwell Albert McCoy
John T. Cox Albert Winters
Hadley McCain A. B. McElwain
George Jenkins John Boes
Wm. Handley Hiram Burris
Wm. Huff John Franklin
Jess Whitaker Randolph Burks
Samuel Watson Isaac N. Lowe
R. W. Belknap Peter Rutledge
Wm. Rutledge Green Bicknell
Jacob Switzer Thomas Pride
Elijah Daffron Capt. J. H. Hussong
Charles Willard Thomas Anderson
Thomas Garrard R. W. Canaday
Posey Rush Andy Jones
George Melvin Mr. Vanfleek
Henry Lake John Melton
Emanuel Furry J. M. McNutt
Wm. McCoy Samuel Anderson
Abner McCarty Joseph Brubaker

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