The Civil War Diary of 1865

Milo Deering Dailey,

112th Illinois Infantry Regiment

The Civil War Diary of 1865
Milo Deering Dailey
NOTE: Punctuation, abbreviations, etc., are exactly as typed byMargaret Catherine Walker Dailey in the late 1950s from the originaldiary, which was about 3 1/2 by 5 inches in size, black or darkleather cover. Larger type on Page 2 is only major departure fromtyped original.
The diary was handwritten in pencil. Her notes are included, andnoted by Milo D. Dailey IV on August 1, 1995, in Yankton, SouthDakota. MCWD was wife of Milo D. Dailey III and mother of MiloD. Dailey IV. MDDIV believes she transcribed diary as part ofa college class at Drake University.
In 1995 the original diary is at Belle Fourche, South Dakota,home of Milo D. Dailey III. MCWD born May, 1917, at or near Winner,S.D.; died in August, 1960, in an automobile accident near MountVernon, South Dakota. Milo D. Dailey III born April, 1920, atIowa Lutheran Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa; Milo D. Dailey IV bornAugust 11, 1945, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa. DesMoines also was a longtime family home of Walker family.
Also, family oral tradition is that Milo I had ridden dispatchearlier in the war, and had apparently also been wounded whiledoing so. Note that he was given permission at one point in thisdiary to ride a general's horse -- something which would tendto authenticate his reputation as a dispatch rider and personskilled with horses in spite of his regular "job" inthe band.

(MDDIV - below is as appears in MCWD transcription, exceptingpage numbering. MCWD inserted double spaces where thoughts orsentences seemed to be indicated in original.)
M D Dailey's Diary
112 Ill. Band
3rd Brig. 3rd Div. 23 AC.
Bought at Alexandria Va. - Feb 3rd 65
Milo Deering Dailey
Henry County
Bought from
Mr. Azra Hayden (which was) presented (to him) by his father
J.J. Hayden
By the Politeness of Captain C.D. Dunn
on Jany 25 1865
Sept 20 " 62 We were at Peoria Ills
Sept 20 " 63 were at Post Oak East Tenn
Sept 20 " 64 We were at Decatur Georgia
Sept 20 " 65 hope we will be in Ills
Monday Jan 16 1865
Left Clifton Tenn on Steamer for Washington D.C.
Arrived at it the night of the 25 of Jan Stopped at Alexandriaat the soldiers rest, remained 8 days Came from Cincinnati byR Road whole distance 1350 miles.
(Aug'st 6" 64
112" lost 103 men making a charge in Ga)
Nov'r 18" 63
112" lost in front of Knoxville Tenn 76 men.
General Sanders Killed
A.D. 1864
Marched from Ky to East Tenn from thence to Middle Tenn Thenceto Ga. Thence to Ala. Thence to Tenn Pulaski thence to NashvilleThence to Clifton Thence to Louisville Thence to Cincinnati OhioThence to Washington D.C. Thence across the oceon to Fort Fisher
Engaged the enemy at Pulaski Columbia Franklin Springthier (MDDIV- sic) Nashville Tenn.. Busards (MDDIV - spelling, caps sic) roostResacca Pine Mts Chatahoochee
Feb 3rd
Packed up. going aboard the ocean steamer for the front weathergood, 1 o'clock P.M. commenced snowing growing cold Am quite unwellhave a cold and the jaundice
3 o'clock P.M. went on board the ocean steamer Atlantic verrycrowded Band take Drs. (MDDIV note: should be Qrs. for quarters??)on the second deck. Slept verry well
Feb'ry 4" 1865
Got up made coffee Went on land Weather verry foggy Steamer leftPort 10 o'clock A.M. passed Mount Vernon Fort Washington Considerableice in the river 12 M sunshine warm and pleasant Played on Hurricanedeck anchored at sundown
8 o'clock P.M. played Lotto 8 1/2 PM retired for the night watersalty
Feb 5" 65
Played Revelle 6 o'clock an raised anchor and on the go watersalt draw hot water to drink weather good Arrive in ChesapeakeBay 10 A.M. Quite cold and windy. Boat rocks some, boys are gettingSea Sick.
(140th begins stealing) My head is some dizzy 3 p.m. By requestof Gen. Cox we played on hurricane deck --
Arrived at Fortress Monroe dark anchored
Wrote to Father
Monday Feb 6" 65..
Hoisted anchor 3 A.M. Arrived on the Atlantic day light. Sea roughPass Cape Hatteras boys sea sick I am some sick Foggy we anchorSea sick vomite some 2 p.m. hoist anchor 5 p.m. arrive off FortFisher anchor and remain for the night
Never will I get on to the ocean again
Febry 7" 1865..
8 AM. 140" Commence getting off into small boat
We lie on steamer all day
Febry 8" 65
Lay on Atlantic Steamer till 3 o'clock P.M. then got off intosmall boats came into Port Landed at 8 P.M. Marched to Fort FisherCamped 3 miles out 10 o'clock No wood all sand have a bad cold
Thursday Feb 9" 65..
Got up at daylight found myself on Terra Firma Eat breakfast -Hear canonading up the Cape Fear River Weather clear some windy.Went down on the Shore got oysters went up to the fishing netCame back put up tent had beans for dinner Had the Neuraliga inmy head all day. Our corps are fast landing It is quite cold andwindy 3 o'clock P.M. retired at 8 o'clock P.M. Slept good.
Friday Feb 10" 65..
Played revillie at daylight Morning clear and cold. Breakfastat 7 1/2 o'clock, Colored troops ready to move packed up Paperscame 4" mail arrived rec'd one letter from home. Went downto Fort Fisher with A.P.L. Went all over the fort A.A Colbertcame off the Boat Slept with us At dary (MDDIV - sic) we had ordersto March in the morning at 8 o'clock. Retired 8 1/2 P.M. Clearand cold..
Saturday Feb 11" 65..
8 a.m. the Reg't assembled Marched out to the breastworks stackedarms. I am the Bugler today weather good Gun boats shelling thefort Niggers to the front 12 M still at the Breastworks Monitornow shelling the Fort Anderson up Cape Fear River. 4 P.M. ordersto cross the river 7 p.m. order countermanded The Reg't lay behing(MDDIV - sic) the works all night Evening drew the scenes (seinesin parenthesis by Margaret C. Dailey?) in caught a few fish gotmy feet wet Came to Camp went to bed Good night
Sunday Feb 12" 65..
Arose with the sun Had fish and fried beans for breakfast Afterbreakfast my head again aches Bob and I went over to the Reg't.After dinner we Moved to the Reg't Wind blew a hurricane Nightthe Div went to the front six Band boys went. The rest of us cameback put up big tent Syras sleeps with me. Drawed two days rationwing (MDDIV -- wind?) blows cold orders not to speak will be gave3 days Wrote home
Head ached all day
Monday Feb 13" 65..
The Div returned in the night made a perfect failure of it. gotup after sun rise. Wind still blowing. Had beans for dinner 4o'clock P.M. but little wind no fighting. Wrote to Orlana Asaand I put up tents together stove between, warm in tent My headhas ached all day. Going to have Peaches and beans for SupperOur stove keeps us comfortable Quite cold out.. Ab. & C. willsleep with us. Reg't up at the works will stay there
Tues.. Feb 14" 1865
Got up at sunrise built a fire in the stove. Nute got breakfast..11 o'ck A.M. We moved to the Reg't put up tents in the rear ofthe Reg't quite windy. Head aches considerable.. We will be gladwhen winter is over and gone
4 o'clock we had orders to be ready to move at 7- up the beachI went as Bugler went 5 miles Sea rough could not lay pontoonsgot back 2 1/2 o'clock next morning Si and I slept in Billys flyWind blew and it rained.
Wed's Feb'ry 15" 65
Woke up at 8 a.m. found the fly on us and it raining hard We cameto our Hrs got Breakfast rained like the dickings. 10 A.M. stoppedraining went down fishing Went into the water threw them out withmy hands had fish for dinner quite warm washed my clothes practicedevening drew the sein (MDDIV - sic) got my feet wet. Reg't wentinto regular camp retired at 9 P.M.
Thursday Feb 16" 65
rec'd orders to move across the river. 3 of the Band went to theDiv Hospital to carry off the sick, 4 men lay out doors dead Diedlast night weather good.
Got dinner. Afternoon carried a man to the dock on stretcher 31/2 miles went back to hospital got supper came back to the dockretired at 10 o'clock rec'd 5 letters from Julie Jettie Cust Pa& Will C
Weather good
Friday Feb'ry 17" 65
Got up sunrise got breakfast help take sick and Baggage on toboat weather fine 12M Went on boat came to Smithville 10 milesLanded sick carried them to hospital on stretchers 3rd Div. movedfrom here this morning Q.M's Dpr. left here 4 P.M. Started tothe Reg't Marched till 10 o'clock Stopped Camped got lost
Saturday Feb ry 18" 1865
Got up Sun Rise, our Brig are to the right of us two miles (weathergood) Eat breakfast came to our regt. found Jimmy Stitt Co. D.wounded and our Div advancing on the Fort. Gunboats shelling theF, 3 o'clock P.M. Reg't put up works 1st & 2nd Brig's movingto our left left of the Ft went out on the beech (MDDIV - sic)see the gunboats playing.
4 P.M. Little skirmishing in the front..
5 P.M. We move to the Reg't make our beds at 8 PM, retire. Gunboats shelling 8 P.M.
Sunday Feb'ry 19" 1865
Daylight the Stars and Stripes floated over Fort Anderson. Rebsevacuated last night. 8 a.m. Marching orders Draw Rations.. 9A.M. We start for Wilmington 12M Stop for dinner.. Quite warmrested 1 1/2 hours marched to Town Creek camped put up works skirmishedsome with the John'sa weather good..
returned 9 p.m. 6 miles north of Ft Anderson 10 miles from Wilmington
Monday Feb 20" 1865
Got up sun rise some windy. 8 AM. our Battry gets position someshelling on both sides.. 1st Brig gone to the right.. 11 AM. ourskirmishes (MDDIV - probably "skirmishers") advance3 o'clock P.M. 1st & Sec'd Brig charge the Rebs captured 350John'ns 2 pieces artillery 112" skirmishers captured 30 Rebs.Had 30 killed & wounded on our side.. None from our Regt..Dock Lans. T. and I went over the battle field after dark. gotback to camp 9 1/2 P.M. Nute, Wid, gone for Sweet Potatoes
Weather good. 7 months longer to stay Arme (MDDIV - Army)
Tuesday Feb ry 21,. 1865
Got up at 5 o'clock A.M. Sweet P for Breakfast daylingt (MDDIV- spelled this way in MCWD's typing; meaning?) were packed upready to move. Men draw 70 rounds ammunition 8 o'clock A.M. Movedout 11 A.M. stopped for dinner bridge gone ahead.
Wrote to Jettie & Julia B. 12 M. 6 miles from Wilmington 3P.M. Marched to within 2 miles of W. & camped got sweet Potatoesfor Supper Regt Put up works 12 Midnight ordered to march backto Town Creek
Wed'sday Feb'ry 22nd /65
1 o'clock a.m. Marched arrived at the River at daylight got breakfast.Got my tobacco by Orrie Cole.. 23 A.C. enter Wilmington N.C. at11 o'clock A.M.
Saw Gunboats fire a Salute of 100 guns remained in and campedall night
Quite warm
Wrote some home
Thursday Feb'ry 23rd 1865
Revellie 5 1/2 o'clock A.M.
7 o'clock We marched toward W distance 9 miles Have plenty ofSweet Potatoes Morning cloudy and Sultry Arrived at Brunswic river12 M Camped Went up the river in a boat got Sweet potatoes Wroteto Father
Friday Feb'ry 24" 65..
Morning rained rained all day
112" remained in camp Wrote to Ro Will Colbert Got mad toBand
Saturday Feb 25" 1865..
Daylight played revellie on Band rained quite hard, Got some mailnone for me
Evening got a letter from home rained all day
Sunday 26" Feb 1865
After breakfast went up the river in a boat got lumber for a houserained quite hard After dinner wrote to Pa and Ma While writingthe Second Div passed. Quite windy this afternoon Evening clearand warm 3 o'clock a flag of truce came in in one car A majoron Gen. Hardies staff remained all night was guarded by our boysat the cars
Monday 27" Feb 65
Got up before day light played revellie. Morning quite misty HowI hate old Band. Lt. Williams and I went up to the Mill put inrunning order for grinding. got back to Camp 2 P.M.
Went into regular camp worked hard all afternoon on our Q'rs 14by 8 feet Eat Supper in tent and on the table quite cool all day..Got some Sweet Potatoes
Ab came up from Smithville Eat supper with us
Tuesday 28" Feb 65
Baked sweet Potatoes for Breakfast rained all last night. Afterbreakfast went down the river in a boat got lumber. fixed ourbunks and floor. After dinner went down to W. after rations 5days. drew $54.00 pay from Uncle Sam..
Misted all day quite disagreeable 3 Brig 2 Div Moved and campedhere Tonight. Theater comes as Union Herald printed in W. today1st Nombers (MDDIV - sic)
Wed Mar 1st.. 65
Played Revellie Had a corn cake for breakfast Washed after dinner.1000 of our Prisoners came in on the train. Wes neiswinder (MDDIV- sic) & Col. Howe came Lt. Co D. & the Q.M. Ditto Wewent out and played for the prisoners then played at Hd Qrs forLt. Co D and the Q.M. Wrote some home after 9 o'c in the Evening
Thursday Mar 2nd
Revellie day light After B---- made a chimney and fire place inour shanty Nute gone to town After diner 8 of us went down theriver in a boat Foraging. Got sweet Potatoes got back 7 o'clockP.M. Cloudy all day
Friday Mar 3rd 65
Baked Taters for Breakfast Misted in the Morning Band boys putup works forenoon 11 o'clock A.M. Went a fishing down to Mc HPond Col Asa Porter Col and Cap Daw caught 10 fish got back sundown got supper
Evening quite pleasant
Sat March 4"65
Sailed down the river boat blew shore poor boat Wrote to my Dadand Mam after dinner Orders to move packed up ready to move at3 P.M.
Quite rainy
3 P.M. Marched to the Cape Fear crossed in small boat Marched3/4 of a mile from town camped
Nute and I went to the theater got to camp 10 PM and retired forthe night
Sunday Mar 5 " 65..
Went down to town for breakfast with Nute, John, & Pel H cameback to camp quite cold and windy
Eat dinner with Len, Orie officers paid $25.00 for music got onepiece of jake
Evening serenaded Brevet Brig. Gen. Henderson - went in got somehamm
Monday Mar 6 " 1865
Revellie 4 1/4 A.M. 7 AM marched East on plank road marched 10miles stopped for 30 min for dinner growing warm after dinnermarched six miles and camped in a grove the Div. all massed
Drawed beef for the first time in N. C. Si got sweet P-- Abb C.gave us some meat & fish.. Feel first tomight (MDDIV - sic)am now cooking beans for breakfast. I will close tonight
so good evening - Milo D Dailey 112"
(Plenty of Pea nuts)
Tuesday Mar 7" 1865
Revellie at 4 1/2 A.M. Marched at six A.M. weather good roadsquite sandy. Some sloughs.. Stopped for dinner at 10 o'clock Marchedbefore dinner 11 miles. Stopped 30 minutes for dinner. Marchedtil 4 1/2 P.M. and camped Marched 17 miles to day. Weather goodTook one Reb Col. and Lt. Midaner to day..
Some of the boys abandon their knap sacks. Cap. Shraaf canded(MDDIV - sic) the Regt today good night -- Milo 7 o'clock P.M.
Wednesday Mar. 8.. 65
Revellie 4 3/4 A.M. Breakfasted daylight cloudy and looks likerain.. 7 A.M. Sec. Div. now passing Misting some 11 A.M. Cloudyand cool -resting quite often. Roads sandy and some wet passedtwo houses today
"11 A.M., Country level covered with pitch pine trees..
One o'clock P.M. stopped for dinner stopped 30 minutes, rainedsome Marched til 4 P.M. to the river camped at dark rained verryhard Captured 7 reb Pickets Bridge burned across this stream.
Thursday Mar 9" 65..
Revellie at 4 A.M.
Marched at 5, 10 min A.M. roads verry wet and muddy.. Clearingoff over head.. 10 1/2 stopped to rest.. 1 o'clock P.M. stoppedfor dinner 30 minutes.. found a nice spring
After dinner marched 2 miles and camped. 14 miles Si got someS. Potatoes.. Mad C - 200 rained 8 P.M. 2 o'clock night drew rations- one days. Gen Capeshays kill 2000 Rebs gobbled 1000
Friday Mar. 10.. 65
Revellie 4 A.M. Marched 5 1/2 A.M. rained all last night roadsverry muddy country settled and land "tilled.. Weather cloudy,our Div. in front.. Regt got 500 lbs bacon.. Dined at 12 M rainingquite hard Afternoon waded in water one and two feet deep Campedat 4 P.M. I went out with Wid god sweet P rained all day marched14 miles. Heard canonading all day 9 P.M. orders to move at 2o'clock in the morning Cleared off quite cool.
Saturday March 11" 65
Woke up at 12 at night got Breakfast packed up Marched at 2 good.. Marched 4 miles on to the Neuse river and wadedthe stream 2 1/2 feet deep.. Came on 1/2 mile stopped and warmed..Every appearance of a good day.. 10 A.M. arrived at Crossroads6 miles from Renston and rested one hour. then marched South-west4 miles and camped all water in roads and swamps and mud from2 to 15 inches deep. Pleasant and cool. Rebs fell back from Cox'sfront last nigh
Evening played
Sunday March 12 " 65
Slept cold last night. got up after sun rise. Asa got Breakfast.Pleasant day. Burnsides troops camped here 2 years ago. 10 A.M.Struck tents moved two miles, went into camp near Cox'es Hd.Qrs.on the Battlefield. All day pleasant. Reported capture of Goldsboroby Sherman
Drew 1 days ration.
Cap Catman gave me a good hat retired 9 1/2 o'clock P.M.
Made ' ' 9(( (())
Monday March 13th.. 65
Revellie 6 o'clock A.M.
Breakfast 7 1/2 o'clock verry pleasant morning.
Wrote to my People
Judson Atwood came to the Regt.. remained in camp all day retiredat 9 P.M.
Mail at 5 P.M. one letter form (MDDIV - sic) Alice Drew 4 daysrations Boys ran footraces
Tuesday March 14" 65
Revellie 5 o'clock - orders to march at 8 A.M. Marched at 11 A.M.Toward Rinston. weather good. Camped at 3 P.M. by a mill 3 milesfrom Rinston.
Wednesday March 15" 65
Wrote to Pa and Ma remained in camp
weather good.
Thursday Mar 16" 65
in camp got some new music from Jake.
weather warm.
Friday Mar 17" 1865
Still in camp Rec'd a letter from Alice one from home
Saturday mar 18.. 1865
Packed Drew rations Said (MDDIV - ?????) in camp
Sunday Mar. 19.. 1865"
Went up to the Second Div. Band Rode Gen'rls horse Bought a watch$25.00 for it weather Rec'd a letter from Julia Drew 2 days rations
Hear canonading toward Goldsboro
Monday March 20" 1865
(Six months more)
Revellie 5 A.M. resumed our March at 7 1/2 A.M. Quite warm Shermanin front.. Stopped 10 minutes for dinner Camped 7 o'ck P.M. Quitetired
(weather warm)
Tuesday Mar 21st 65..
Revellie at 4 A.M. Orders to march at 5 A.M.
Morning promises a good day.. Marched at 7. Arrived at Goldsboro8 1/2 P.M. 3 P.M. rained hard
Wednesday Mar. 22nd 65
Revellie at day light wind blows quite hard remained in camp till2 P.M. then marched through town camped put up works Sherman cavalrycame in report a fight - bury 2,000 rebs.
Thursday Mar. 23rd 65
Revellie day light Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast Went up town seeGen Sherman, 4 o'clock P.M. went out on Grand Review, Gen. S-----inspected us..
Wind blew Verry hard got back to camp 7 P.M. then drew rations3 days night quite cold 14" A.C. came in
Friday March 24" 65
Morning cool
9 o'clock wind blows verry hard
..Day in Camp Shermans army came in, to town..
Saturday March 25 " 65..
Still in camp well and doing well
Sunday Mar. "6" 1865
Weather good rec'd two mails one forenoon and one in afternoon
Rec'd letter from Will C. & Orlana
Wrote to Pa Julia & O
Monday March 27" 65
Tuesday March 28" 65
Wrote to Julia
Wrote to Will C.
Night Wid Dad & I went up town Prospecting
Washington March 29" 65..
Wrote for Abb to Julia
Put up fence round our Q'rs played wicket ball Evening boughtcigars and smoked.
Drawed 5 days rations
Thursday Mar. 30" 65..
rainy and wet Wrote to Ma and Alice 2 P.M. cleared off 5 P.M.Dress parade Drawed Pants 1 pair Evening warm and pleasant
Friday Mar. 31st" 1865
Brigade went out on a reconnoiter very cold for April..
Pardon fixing my pants. Bought and sold a watch Made 5 dollars.bought jewelry of Hurt. Brig came in 3 P.M. found some Hohn'ns..U.S. Soldier hung for committing rape.. Evening played chess..with Asa
10 P.M. retired
Good evening,
Rumored stepout of Lee by Grant.
April 1st 1865
Revellie daylight
Wrote to Ethel, promised a Bracelet to her by letter
Pleasant day
Rec'd a letter from Jettie Moore. 8 P.M. rec'd a letter from ------
Sunday Apr. 2nd 65
Five P.M. rec'd a Letter from Mrs. Dix
Retired 11 o'clock P.M.
Monday Apr. 3rd
Lost and found my Pocket Book
Played Wicket
Traded watches.
Tuesday Apr. 4"
Played ball.. went up town got milk strawberries Butter &cheese Abb got a letter from (MDDIV - no mark or word from whom,just straight text) stating Will was quite sick
Retired at dark
Wed'n sy Apr. 5..
Wrote to Pa & Mrs. Withron
Had the same old duty to perform..
Thursday Apr 6"
9 o'clock A.M. rec'd the Glorious news of the capture of Richmond
Went to Brig Hd Qrs played. hap (MDDIV - sic) all of the punchwe could drink great rejoicing all day.. weather good
Friday Apr. 7
Pleasant day
Wrote to Mother
Rec'd a letter from Mrs Dicks and answered it.
Saturday Apr. 8" 65
In camp all day I went up town bought a watch and sold a wach(MDDIV - sic) traded a watch
Sunday Apr. 9" 65
weather good
Monday Apr. 10" 65
Seems rainy 7 o'clock orders for Marching.
Troops marching.
Got Breakfast up town 2 P.M. Again resume our March rainy... Campedat (MDDIV - nothing follows)
9 P.M. Marched verry unsteady making only 2 1/2 Miles.
Tuesday April 11" 65
Revellie 4 A.M. looks like rain Marched at six cleared off roadsmuddy rest of the march slow 20 min. past 9AM. resting Stoppedfor dinner at 11 o'clock AM. Marched at 12 M. on mile and rested.Passed Reb works rained quite hard for a few minutes Carry outthings on a pack mule.
5 P.M. Stop get supper
Move on 7 1/2 P.M.
Camp 9 P.M. Mail came no letter for me. Milt got one.
Wednesday April 12"
Cool and pleasant resumed our march at 8 o'clock A.M. Quite cool.Got a negro to lead the mule.
Hurrah.. for the news of the capture of Lee great rejoicings."
12 M got dinner 1/4 mile from our old camp 112" guard thetrain Marched till ten o'clock and camped 6 miles from Smithville
Weather quite warm
Crossed the Pontoons
Sundown at Turners burned bridge across Neuse R.
Thursday Apr. 13 th -
Revellie 4 o'clock A.M. Cloudy guess it will rain
The gen'l 6 A.M.
Rained some forenoon Reighly (Raleigh ((MDDIV - correct spellingadded by MCWD??))) Surrendered to Gen Sherman. Gov'r Vaun Surrenderedto Gen L Marched 12 miles got dinner at 1 1/2 o'clock P.M. Cloudyand sultry 14 miles from Raleigh. Stopped for dinner 1 hour. Campedsundown 8 miles from Ra. Marched 20 miles weather good No newsfrom the front Skirmished some today
Friday April 14th
Weather good
Drawed rations and marched at 7 o'ck A.M. 20" corps trainpassed us Camped 1/2 mile from town at 1 o'clock P.M.
got dinner. Asa & Milo went up to the capital of North Carolina- Went all through town Got shampooed & shaved Arrived atcamp 5 P.M. quite warm
Milo No news from the front
Wrote a few lines to Pap with pencil.
Saturday Apr. 15"
Thunder and rain at 3 o'clock A.M. 7 A.M. rain. Gen sound 8 A.M.ready to move Still raining hard and moved out in line rain poureddown moved out into the road and stopped the order countermandedPut up tents rained till 4 P.M. Cleared off
Rumored Surrender of Johnston.. Evening played some
Sunday April 16" 65
Revellie daylight
Quite cool forenoon Cleaned my horn. After dinner Ed Parsons &Milo went down town Went all ofer (MDDIV - sic, as is next closeparenthesis) town) Pleasant day.
No news from Johnston
Evening played
Monday April 17" 65
Forenoon practiced Weather good. 2 o'clock P.M. Inspection
3 o'clock P.M. Moved camp through town Camped west of town ina pine grove
What a sober look in comes (earth's ((MDDIV - correction fromMCWD?))) orths Soliciter (MDDIV - sic)
Played through the city Billy S-- went out with the flag of truce
Tuesday Apr 18" 65
Revelie daylight Weather good Our Brig will do patrol duty intown.. Johnston surrendered today Afternoon played chess Eveningplayed with Band.
Mail came rec'd two letters one from home and one from Alice
Also rec'd the bad news of Will Colbert's death.. Dark rainedquite hard
Wrote to Pa & Ma
Wednesday April 19" 65
Clear and cool this morning
Practiced in forenoon
Beans for dinner Quite warm at noon Wrote for Abb to his mother
Played in the evening
Thursday April 20
Went into the country foraging Got back 6 P.M. with a sore seat.Weather good
No news from the front and rear
Moved up in front of Gen Carters HdQrs Stacked arms 1st Brig passed
Friday Apr 21st" 65
Getting ready for Grand Review
Moved up in front of Gen Carters Hdqrs stacked arms 12 M. marchedin Review Band in front of the Brig.. quite warm Ordered to movecamp moved out came back put up tents rained quite played chess
Evening all quiet on the Patomac (MDDIV - sic).
Saturday April 22nd
Weather pleasant no news in the morning paper Sent 4 papers home2o" A C reviewed by Gen Sherman
I was present at the city returned to camp had mush & milkfor dinner Afternoon played chess and checkers pleasant and coolretired at 8 PM Mail came nothing for me
Sunday Apr. 23rd
Verry cold all day Wrote to my people
Evening played
Monday Apr 24" 65
Morning very cold Went down town
17" A.C. reviewed by Gns Grant. & Sherman-- arrived atcamp 12 1/2M.
Afternoon played chess.. No mail for me today .. retired 8 P.M.
Evening played cards awhile with Doctor, Sgt & Lt Doyle Sgtand I beat
Tuesday April 25"
Rec'd orders via Progress to march in the morning of 26th.. Weare all at a loss to know what's up .. Has the war ended or mustwe again march on for Johnsons army 10 o'clock AM Milo
4 p.m. Mr. Witheran John P. Benson & John Evans came.
Night Widney & Milo went to town
Wednesday April 29
Revellie 4 A.M.
6 A.M. nary March weather good no news Send papers home by mail,after dinner wrote for Mr. Witheran and wrote home Grant. S. &Schofield gone to the front.
9 o'clock P.M. The train came in from the front with the newsof Johnstons Surrender
We got up and played Had vocal music by the 17" Mass
Thursday Apr. 27
Bought a Morning Paper No news of the Surrender of Johnston weathergood Pitched horse shoes
Our army are turning over their ammunition
Expect to start home in a few days
Wrote to Alice Grakum.
No mail today
Johnstons surrender official
Friday Apr 28"
Weather good No mail 10 A.M. 15th & 17" A C Marchingorders for sweet home After dinner went down town with Burdeenrec'd a letter from Home Weather good
Saturday April 29
Artillery Salute at daylight for the Lamented President. 1 gunevery half hour 36 guns sundown.
10 A.M. Reg't formal orders read of Lincoln's death.. Forenooncloudy afternoon rained Some pitched quoits and played chess Wrotehome and sent papers, Frank Leslie Herald & Progress retiredat 9 P.M. raining. No mail today. Orders to march to GreensboroDistance 80 m
Sunday April - 30" last day
Revellie at daylight After Breakfast wrote to Hill Lizzie Goodwinweather fine. At 10 o'clock mustered for four months pay. Afternoonwent to prayer Meeting read novel Title Vixburg Spy.
Evening verry agreeable.
Mail came rec'd a letter from Edna D. & Alson
May 1st..1865
Quite cool no news no mail. Some lonesome read novels evening.Dress parade
morning Mount Guard
Night cold
Tuesday May 2nd 65..
No Mail Wrote home
104" Ohio went to Grens with Gen S---- weather cold
Evening dress parade
Wed. May 3rd 65
Revellie day light. Pleasant weather Forenoon warm Drilled Battalionafter dinner
Went down to R
rec'd a letter from home
Thursday May 4"
Bob sick play alone wrote to Edna 11 A.M. bow Gen'rl 1 P.M. marchto the Depot get supper go out on the Greensboro train at 9 P.M.ride all night
Sleep Good
Friday May 5"
Woke up daylight. train stopped 1 1/2 hours got Breakfast 20 milesfrom Greensboro Arrived at Greensboro 11 A.M. got dinner 1 P.M.marched to camp 1 1/4 miles from town.
Headly and I went down town. took some w----to camp Sat up allnight
Saturday May 6" 65
Arrived at camp 4 A.M. 5 1/2 Played revellie After Breakfast Nuteand I went out Saw and talked with some gals, got boards. cameinto camp got apple B--
Afternoon practiced
Night Nute and I went down town got back 11 o'clock Mail camehad one letter from Jettie Moore
Sunday May 7" 65
Wrote to Jettie M John Emory and I took a walk went out into thecountry to meeting Saw some ladies, quite warm
10 1/2 A.M.
Stopped at a house got dinner Asked Molly for her company nextSunday night. its all right Evening quite warm. 1 & 2nd Divcame in Drawed rations
Monday May 8
Si and I went out got some greens wrote to Jettie and Home. Eveningrained Left Altona 10 AM
Tuesday May 9"
rained all night Morning clear and cool. Emery and I went outinto the country Band played for Brig Guard Came near gettinginto a scrape. Coppied (MDDIV - sic) the Teur
Played for Dress Parade
9 P.M. retired
The turn came up 10 A.M.
Weds May 10"
Cloudy in the morning Washed pants shirt towel and handkerchief
Serenaded Gen. Hen-----
Thursday May 11
Wrote to Orlana after dinner practiced
New recruits came for C. I and R.
night rained George Brackin stayed with us
Friday May 12"
Cleaned out instruments after noon practiced
Satrday May 14
Went out with Band to Quaker College. Got good dinner and supperplayed chatted Sang & had a good time
generally arrived
At camp in time for retreat
Went out to the country
Talked with Miss es Mall
She's a charming widow
And I fear will fool us all
Sunday May 15"
Ed Parsons & Milo went to the country to church. After churchwe prospected. Called on the Misses Dennis had a good chat gotto camp at Retreat after Retreat we went to the country fooledwith the girls awhile came to Camp retired
Monday May 16" 65
Weather good wrote to Pa and Ma. Saw Mr. Coffin. Had a chat withhim and invite & C Sent a note by Emory to the Misses Dennisread novel V C
played retreat
Ever of thee am I fondly dreaming.
Tuesday May 17
Played for G mount read novel bought four and beans After dinnerwrote to Virginia alias R;.: E- verry warm and pleasant
No mail no news
good evening
"going to the country" Mind's wandering
O thou eternal one
who inhabiteth eternity
Whose presence bright
All space doth occupy
All motions guide.
Weds'day May 17"
Played for guard Mount Weather good Wrote to Uncle Wm.. Mail camegot none Evening played for retreat Went over to Brig H &H'rs with Ed P got a mule for a fellow to take a note out to thecountry
Thursday May 18"
Revellie sun rise Get breakfast Fry pan swtn.. Played for guardM.. rode into the country with Charlie Saw the tree of LibertyMisses Dennis
Went to the Quaker College Called, took dinner with the WidowPutman rained some arrived at camp 3 P.M.
Friday May 19"
remained in camp all day Wrote to Pa short letter wrote to UncleWm. D
Saturday May 20
Drawed clothing rained quite hard Drawed two prs drawers 2 prssocks one pr pants
Have plenty of Biscuits and Butter
Retired early but not to Sleep
Sunday May 21st
Washed and changed clothes got Breakfast no mail for me am madwon't write again Weather clear and cool
Wrote to Emily J - signed my name Charlie Milton 4 P.M. Ed P &I went to the Country To D's rained hard got to camp 2 A.M.
Monday 22 May
Retired two A.M.
Revellie at the usual hour Washed, boiled Blanket Baked beansfor dinner
Tuesday May 23rd
Weather good Had Berries for dinner.
Weds day May 24"
Mounted guard Ed P and Milo went into the country. Called at Dennisgot dinner &C Went out to the widow Dickeys 7 miles from townWeather good
Arrived at camp 6 P.M.
Thursday May 25
7 A.M. went to town 9 A.M. Band took the train for Jimtown. Wentto Fleoremer. Car burned up burned the snair (MDDIV - sic) drumLost Ebass mouth piece. last - had a big meeting night went toa dance Took Lodie Williams
12 o'clock M dance broke Sparked Lodie till daylight then wenthome with her
Friday May 26
Morning went with Nute to Armfields had a good time with Lodieand Molly boy came for me had to go to Jimtown Commenced rainingCalled on Mil Nora chined (MDDIV - "chinned"??) withher. took the train at 4 P.M. Arrived at Camp 6 PM quite wet andmuddy.
Saturday May 27"
Rec'd a letter from Lizzie Goodwin and answered it. Nute broughtme a note from Lodie recd a letter from Lizzie G
Sunday May 28"
Pleasant day Wrote to Lizzie G rec'd two letters one from Juliaone from Rubie Answered Julias letter Sent a note to Lodie andone to Nora.
Evening Pet & I called on Mill Laura Bulinger
Night wrote to sister.
Monday May 29
Washed my clothes. Weather good. Read novel, Title Fanny Greelyweather good
Tuesday May 30
Evening rec'd verbal orders to be Mustered out boys believe it
Went over to the dance danced & C
Wedn'sday May 31st
Mounted Brig Guard
Cloudy Wrote and sent a missive to Sister Nora
Rec'd a letter from Alice Graham.
Thursday June 1st
Band went to friendship with town played for meeting Quite warmStayed all night at Linseys Sparked Miss Clark..
Friday June 2nd
Drove to Dr. Coffins Took dinner Afternoon Nute & I went upto see our girls found Disey at Mr. Dillings Went home with hersat up till 2 A.M. and retired quite warm
Saturday June 3
Eat breakfast, Read Diseys letter for banquet and 8 1/2 her bro& I went to Dr C---
12 M came and played for the raising of the flag then played tothe place where the speaking was to be held took Disey to dinnerto Noras night went to dance with Mill Welch After dinner sparkedtill daylight
Sunday June 4"
8 A.M. started for camp both tired and sleepy arrived at 3 P.M.-Went to bed slept till Retreat then wrote to Disey
Very warm
Bathed and washed Wrote to Alice G & drawed rations ordersto be immediately mustered out -- Rec'd a letter from home.
Tuesday June 6
After Guard mount went to town for callars.
Evening rec'd a letter from Disey Wrote home Night went to theNigger Show
Afternoon rainy -- cool
Wednesday June 7
Played for guard M. Got pass approved to go to Jimtown Went toJ--town on the morning train Pell along Took note for Emory WidneyPete -- Milo
Took dinner with Rem - 2 P.M. went out to Mr. Williams Found Diseyat home Pel's girl was sick
Quite warm Sat up with Disey retired in the morning Mr. Wms camein late
Thursday June 8
After breakfast went out with Mr. W
Quite warm.
After noon Mr & Mrs W went to town Mollie A came also 3 MissNixans had quite a time. Sparked Di till 12 M. then left for J--station found the store lit up and dancing Called danced and wenthome with Nora L. then went to the station took the train Arrivedat Greenboro 3 A.M.
Came to camp and retired. Both sleepy and tired
Friday June 9" 65
Rec'd a letter form Roxy Wrote to Diti Slept some. read some Wrotesome to Roxie retired quite early
Saturday June 10
Came nothing
Sunday June 11 - 65
Abb and I went into the country Stopped at Craigiss. Was entertainedtill 3 P.M. Then came to camp
The miserable rolls have not come yet.
Monday June 12
Went down town after guard mount with horn to get fixed
Coppied some music ---

Tuesday June 13
Rec'd pass for Nute & me to go to Jamestown till June 14"65
Went on the morning train. Went to Florence's from thence to Williamsfound the girl all alone. Retired at night at 2 1/2 A.M.
Day and night very warm
Wed - June 13
Forenoon eat apples cherries, berries & C After dinner bidthem all good bye kissed the black eyed girl and walked to thestation Quite warm Came to camp found all well except Dad
Recd a letter from Sister
Thursday June 15
Morning quite cool, 8 1/2 went to Brig HdQrs played for guardmount
Wrote to Orlana
Bought butter cherries berries
Got music of II 4 Band coppied all day
Friday June 16
Played for funeral down town after noon rained rec'd a letterfrom Mother
Saturday June 17"
Sent a missive to Disey by Billy G---
Had grand review
Got to camp at 11 A.M. Quite warm
Sunday June 18
Widney Pell & I went to Jimtown. Took dinner with Miss Dilling.and hugged Dite till 2 A.M. then retired.
Monday June 19
Came to G- on the 3 P.M. train. then to Camp rained quite hardCo A C & B Mustered out
17" Miss & CS -- 112 fought
Tuesday June 20
Recruits left practiced
Reg't Mustered out Washed -- boiled meat Will leave in the morning
3 P.M. raining
Wednesday 21st
Left Greensboro, N.C. 9 A.M. on Danville Train
Weather good. Arrived at D-- 2 P.M. 40 miles. Crossed Dan Riverat Danville Will Fortir all of rode to Clover Station and stayedall night Was quite sick -- had the cholery Mor-- Slept but littleClover station 46 miles from Danb- 94 miles today -- Changed carsat Danville
Thursday 22
head aches some got some Medicine from cock - weather good.
9 A.M. left Clover Station Arrived at Burkesville 2 P.M. Changedcars clover Station to Burkeville 45 miles
Took the Petersburg R.R. From Burkesville to Petersburg 54 milesArrived at Petersburg at dark Slept on the wharf timber from Danvilleto Petersburg Riv.
Friday June 23rd
Got up day light played Eat breakfast. Went aboard the steamerThos. Morgan 7 A.M.
left Port. played
Weather good Arrived at Fortress Monroe 1 o'clock P.M. Landedstayed 1 hour From city Pt to Ft. M. 80 miles. Retired on boat9 P.M. Slept good, quite warm
Saturday June 24"
Got up 4 A.M. sultry but pleasant. passed Annapolis at 5 A.M.20 miles from Baltimore on The Cheasapeak (MDDIV - sic) Bay.
Passed Ft. Henry Arrived at Baltimore 8 o'clock A.M. got Break9 1/2 marched through the city -- playing east side of town tothe Depot Left B -- 140 Min P.M. on Penn Central R.R.--
dark 64 miles from Balt Good farms wheat ripe verry warm. Goodroads
Valeintine hit and left encencible (MDDIV - insensible?) at ahouse.
Sunday June 25th
Arose with the sun
Arrived at Altona 6 1/2 A.M. Quite cool, country mountainous Coalplenty. Played at Altona left Altona at 10 A.M. Passed throughthe tunnel and over Allegany Mts Passed Johnstown 2 P.M. rainedsome Arrived at Petersburg 6 1/4 P.M. raining quite hard. Timberoak, hemlock Went through 4 tunnels Regt. went to supper withoutus. Left at 9 1/2 P.M.
Fruit not verry Plenty.
Wednesday June 28
(MDDIV - The above date, with nothing further written, is theend of Margaret Dailey's transcription. Family tradition to MDDIV'sknowledge states that Milo I originally came from Vermont, wherethe family has b