Pension Application

John Cornwell

Company E, 11th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Submitted by: John and Cindy McCachern

Pension Application of John Cornwell

1. March 14, 1883, John Cornwell Pvt. Co. E, II Vols. Disabled by disease of kidneys result of poison at Mobile, Alabama, March 15, 1865.

2. May 18, 1883, John Cornwell enrolled Oct. 27, 1864, at Olney, Ills for one year. Reported on muster rools of co. to Aug. 31, 1865, Pvt, present. Regiment return for march 1865 does not report him as absent, sick or otherwise. Station of March 31, 1865, Mobile, Alabama. Mustered out on ind. muster out roll Oct. 27, 1865, at Brownsville, Texas. No evidence of alleged disability. Name does not appear on Co. reports. Regimental hospital records not on file.

3. January 15, 1898--John Cornwell reports:
--his wife is named Susan M. Smith
--He was married in Robinson by Ezra Graves
--marriage record on file in Crawford County
--have children: Margaret 1863, Parmer 1874, Frank 1877, Orley 1878

4. March 27, 1899--John Cornwell reports:
--He was living in Robinson, IL
--his wife's name was Susan M. Smith
--married Dec. 27, 1860, in Crawford Co, IL, by Graves
--no previous marriages
--no children under 16 years of age

5. Feb. 20, 1907--John Cornwell reports:
--71 years old on March 20, 1907 & lives Robinson, IL, Crawford County
--Enrolled at Olney, IL, under the name John Cornwell on 27th day of Oct, 1864, as Pvt Co E, 28th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, in Civil War
--discharged Brownsville, Texas, on 27th day Oct., 1865
--had no other service
--personal description: dark complexion; blue eyes; black hair; 5 feet 10 inches; farmer; born march 20, 1836 in Washington Co, Ohio
--since civil war lived in Crawford County
--Pension Cert. No. 830882, now draws $12 per month under June 27, 1890 law
--post office address is Robinson, Crawford Co, IL
--Witnesses: George W. Smith, Henry O. Wilkens (both of Robinson)

6. Sept. 14, 1916--Susan A. Cornwell reports:
--age 75
--widow of John Cornwell who died July 17, 1909
--now entitled to $20 month under law Sept. 8, 1916
--she is over 70 years old and was John Cornwell's wife at time of his civil war service
--married Dec. 30, 1858
--Witnesses: Anna C. Earnnell, Dortha S. Carey

7. Sept. 5, 1918--Susan A. Cornwell last paid $25 July 4, 1918, because of her death July 17, 1918 at Robinson, Illinois, Rt. 4

8. August 16, 1918--Frank Cornwell age 46 a resident of Robinson, Crawford County, IL, applied for reimbursement of expenses of sickness of Susan A. Cornwell.
--she was 77 years
--Susan died July 17, 1918
--left $40 cash which was paid to undertaker
--mother of Frank
--died obstruction of bowel, sick 3 weeks
--J. W. Carlisle, M. D.
--Frank's wife Emma had nursing bill
--Susan spent last part of life at Frank's home in Wilkens addition, South Jones street in Robinson
--Susan died in Frank's hom on South Jones street
--Susan buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery
--Witness: T. M. Smith, Mattie May Cornwell

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