Pension Records


Solomon Asberry Cadle

Company C, 59th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Submitted by Virginia Flesher

He was born 22 February 1823 in Virginia and died in Cash, Craighead County, Arkansas on 1 March 1899.

Last of 1862 and first of 1863 for a period of 3 months, Solomon says he served in Kansas to protect state from rebels, in Leroy Company, signed 2 November 1898 in Craighead county, Arkansas.

11 November 1864, Solomon enrolled in Company C, 59th Volunteer Infantry, at Quincy, Illinois, commanded by Captain Henderson.

25 December 1864 - lost finger on right hand while cutting kindling at Camp Butler, Illinois.

15 July 1865, stepped in hole, sprained ankle near Green Lake, Tennessee, while on drill.

March 1865 hurt back, while carrying heavy load around waist, on march from Bulls Gap to Warm Springs, North Carolina, happened near Greenville, Tennessee.

Willard Morris, age 55, a resident of Sidney Township, Fremont County, Iowa, swears to knowledge of Solomon's injuries he sustained on 25 December 1864 at Camp Butler, on 20 July 1865 at Green Lake, Texas, and at or near Greenville in April 1865. He also states Solomon sustained disease of the eyes, continuing up until his discharge, signed 4 October 1898 in Fremont County, Iowa.

17 November 1865, Solomon discharged at San Antonio, Texas.

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