James Parley Bloss

Corporal, Company K, 92nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Military Information and Letter

James P. Bloss, Corp, CoK, 92 Reg’t Illinois Infantry
Appears on Company Muster-in Roll, Rockford, Ill, Sept 4, 1821, Muster-in to date Sept. 4, 1862
Joined for duty and enrolled Aug 15, 1862 at Marion, Illinois for 3 years
Appd. Sept. 2, 1862 Bounty $25, Prem. $2
Sept 4 to Oct 3, 1862 Remarks: Promoted to 5 corpl from 7 corpl Sept 8
Promoted to 3 corp from 5 corp Feb.9, 1863 by special Regl order No.10
Present from now until August 1964
Company Muster Roll Sep and Oct, 1864
Remarks: Killed in action at Powder Springs Oct 3, 1864, final statements given
Co. Muster-Out Roll, Concord, N.C. June 21, 1865
Last paid to April 30, 1864
James P. Bloss, Corp, Co.K, 92 Reg’t Illinois Mtd. Inf.*This regiment was mounted per S.F.O. No. 187 dated Dep’t of the Cumberland, July 9, 1863
Bounty paid $25, due $75.
Remarks: Killed Oct 3, 1864, in action at Powder Springs, Ga.

Inventory of the effects of James P. Bloss late a corporal of Lt. Peley R. Walkens Company K of the 92 Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, who was enrolled as a private at Marion in the State of Illinois on the 15th day of August 1862 and mustered into the the service of the United States as a Corporal on the 4th day of September, 1862, at Rockford, Illinois, in company K Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, to serve three years or during the war: he was born in Chitauqua county in the state of New York; he was 30 years of age, 5 feet 7 _ inches high, light complexion, hazel eyes, Auburn hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a farmer. He died in action at Powder Springs, Ga. On the 3rd day of October, 1864, by reson of wounds received in action at Powder Springs, Ga.

Inventory. Great Coats 1, Flannel shirts 1, Pairs boots 1, Blankets Germ ?
I certify, on honor, that the above inventory comprises all the effects of Corporal James P. Bloss, deceased, and that the effects are in the hands of his wife at Wyoming Jones County, Iowa. Peley R. Welker, 2nd Lt, Commanding the Company, Station: Murietta, Ga Date: Nov 4th, 1864

Letter from Marietta National Cemetery to M.C.I.Bloss [Aunt Clemmie] " The remains of J.P. Bloss….are interred in this Cemetery in Section F and Grave 5244"

Death Description
In a History of the Frane Family read to her children on her 80th birthday, Anna Eyster Frane, widow of Jacob Frane and half sister of James P. Bloss, wrote "Also several minor ones [engagements] in Marietta, Georgia where his tentmate, James Bloss was shot. Jacob and another soldier attempted to carry him off the field but could not, so secured an ambulance, getting him to town. He died that night and they buried him by the light of a candle lantern and the light of the moon with fleecy clouds scudding over it."[Jacob Frane later married Anna Eyster,. Both men enlisted in August, 1862]

Contributed by Mary Jean Wilson

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