Job Bartlett

Company K, 130th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Millikins Bend,Louisanna
April 6 1863
Dear Son,

I received your letter last night and was glad to hear that you are all well and more. Then glad to think that you can write to me.I can read every word of it as fast as I come to them and I want you to keep on writing and don,t stop. I am not very well , but I am still going about. I hope that these may find you all in good health. We are now in twenty miles of Vickburg and I dont know whether we will go there or to Texas or stay where we are or go to Kentuckey it is hard to tell.

Now I will give you a sketch of our trip down here. We left Fort Pickering March the 27 at 2 pm marched to the landing got on the I C Swan at 4 pm droped to the lower coast of the ( unable to read).The 28 at 4 pm started from there some time in the night and run down to Helena The 29 at 8 am we landed on the opposite side of the river and laid there till 11 am and then started dowm the river. Snowed like the devil the most of the day.Landed at Lake Providence the 30 at 5 am laid there till 9 am droped down 4 miles and landed and put off the 109 Regment. Started at 11am down the river again. Land at Millikins Bend at 2 pm laid all night on the boat. Left the boat 31 at at 9 am pictched tents at 2 pm . The butifulest grounds that I have seen since we left Memphis and there is soldiers quartered as far as we can see.It is astonishing to see the condition of farms down here. We are on one of the largest farms that I ever saw and it is all most destroyed. It is in winter down here and every thing is out in full bloom and the trees is as green as they are up there in June. Now I will give you some of the prices butter is worth 50 cts.per pound,Eggs 50 cts per dozen,Potatoes 6 cent per pound,pumpkins 15 cts. a piece. We are about eight hundred miles from Marshall.

The health of of the Regiment is very good at this time better than it was all winter. We have no news about the war worth relating. I want you to write often and let me know how you are getting along. If you can,t read this get some one to read it for you for the trip down the river may be some interesting. I have wrote five letters since the one that Mr.Hamnond took and I would be glad to know if you got them.

Yours untill death,
Job to wife, children, parents and friend

Young Point, La.
May 18,1863
Most affectionate Wife,

I received Bills letter dated the 9 and was glad to hear that you are all well and to hear that you got that money that I sent you by Express. I am well and hope that these may find you in good health and spirit. I am more than glad to get the boys likness. I think they look very natural. I want you to send Alice and Florence next. You can let Arch have some money if you think you can spare it but be certin to keep anuff for your self.

We are 4 miles above Vicksburg and we can see the city very plane and hear the cannon roar very plane. We are on provast guard and expect to remain so untill the fight is over and how much longer we dont know. The talk of making the attack in a few days and then I recon we will hear all sorts of shooting but there is no danger of our being in it so we are anxious to have them begin. We have not heard from our ridgament for some time and dont mutch care if we never do.

Catherine I want you to write often and let me know how you are getting along, and if you have done any thing with the base or not or if John Starks has left it. I think I can come home this fall and then I will try to do some thing with it if I can, but you must do the best you can, Them two lots can be bought where Tom had had his corn lot and what they will cost and write to me all about it.I expect bill haddin owns them. You can see. I for got to tell you about that tub it is clean we got it out of the store and never used it for anything dirty. Thats is all I can think now so I will close by telling you to keep in good heart and and you will be all rite.

Yours Truly
Job to Kit

Tell father and mother to write and all the children

This letter was written the day before the great battle at Vicksburg began. I tried to copy these letters as Job wrote them spelling and all.
Glovine Golemboski

Many thanks to Glovine Golemboski who submitted this information.

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