Documents relating the assassination of

President Abraham Lincoln, April 11, 1865

Thanks are due Ken Langley Slauson, gr-gr-grandson of Lt. Col. J. W. Langley, who kindly donated these documents for inclusion in our project.

Head Quarters 3rd Brigade
April 18, 1865


The order announcing the death of the President of the United States will be read to the command at 5:30 this afternoon.

Regimental Commanders will form their Regiments at that time, without arms, in front of the color line of the 125th Ill.

By order of
J. W. Langley
Lt. Col. Comdg

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Head Quarters Mil. Div. of the Miss.
In the Field, Raleigh N.C. Apr 17'/65
Special Field Orders
No 51.

The General Commanding announces with pain and sorrow that on the evening of the 11th inst. at the theator in Washington City his Excellency the President of the United States Mr. Lincoln was assassinated by one who uttered the State motto of Virginia. At the same time Secretary of State Mr. Seward while suffering from a broken arm was also stabbed by another murderer in his own house but still survives, and his son was wounded supposedly fatally - It is believed by persons capable of judging that other high officers were designed the same fate. Thus it seems that our enemy dispairing of meeting us in open manly warfare begins to resort to the assassin's tools.

Your General does not wish you to infer that this is universal for he knows that the great mass of the Confederate Army would scorn to sanction such acts, but he believes it the legitimate consequence of rebellion against rightful authority. We have met every phase which the War has assumed and must now be prepared for it in its worst form - that of assassins and gorrillas, but woe with the people who seek to expend their wild passions in such a manner for there is but one dread result.

By Order of
Maj. Genl. W. T. Sherman
(Signed) L. M. Layton
Asst. Adjt. Genl.
Capt. A.A.G.
Lt. Col. J. H. Langley
Comdg. 3rd Brig
2nd Div 14th Al

(Photo of the original document)

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