65th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Submitted by Kevin L. Walton

From left to right:
1. D.P. Shambaugh
2. John Mead
3. B. Shambaugh
4. W.W. Moore
5. L.E. Myers
6. W.H. Myers
7. Thomas Squires
8. Joseph Cue
9. Z.C. Bowden
10. D.C. Cooper
11. J.P. Wineteer
12. H.H. Bowers
13. J.R. Marsh
14. J.E. Carmichael
15. J. Quinn
16. Wm. N. Brown
17. J.F. McFall
18. Wm. O'Lary
19. J.M. Montgomery
20. Joseph Nye
21. J.H. Hildreth
22. R.S. Montgomery
23. F.M. Rockfoler
24. R.F. Hill
25. R. Rockfoler
26. Wm. Love
27. M.F. Patterson
28. Zachariah Walton
29. Edward Blakely
30. F.O. Waldrick
31. L.C. Campbell
32. G.W. Clark
33. J.H. Ballard
34. C.B. Bristol

This photograph pictures soldiers from Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, H, and K. I have never seen another picture like this of the 65th Illinois. I believe it has significant historical and genealogical value. Would anyone know where this photo could have been taken? perhaps Rock Island, Illinois?

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