Petition by Members of

Co. F, 55th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

supporting the claim of Milton Lorenzo Haney

for an Invalid Pension

Milton Lorenzo Haney was a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in the Civil War. He was a member of the 55th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. In the late 1890s, Milton's chronic health problems worsened, and he began applying for an increase in his military pension. One document in his pension file is a petition drawn up and signed by members of the 55th Regiment, Co. F, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, who had served with him and supported his claim for "Invalid Pension."

Veterans Association, 55th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Office of the Secretary
Davenport, Iowa 188_

Hon. Green P. Baum,
Comm. of Pensions,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir: - We, the undersigned, late members of the 55" Regt. Ills. Vols. Intfy.[sic], and now residents of various localities, and citizens of different states, having learned that our old Chaplain and Comrade in arms., Rev. Milton L. Haney, is now an applicant for Invalid pension, would respectfully represent"First: at the beginning of the war the Rev. Milton L. Haney was a regularly ordained M.E. minister, filling the better class of appointments in the Central Ill. Cos., and stationed at the town of Bushnell, Ill., and one of the best and most eloquent preachers in his conference. He early espoused the cause of the union and threw all the power and influence of his impetuous nature for a vigorous prosecution of the war. From the pulpit and the platform, in public and in private, he denounced treason and plead for the union. He went from place to place holding public meetings and rousing the people to a sense of their duty and [top of second page, illegible words] eloquence, and doubtless . [illegible word]were enlisted to the cause of the union by his labors. Early in the fall of 1861, having enlisted in the army himself, he began the work of securing enlistments and was very successful, raising two full companies, and recruits for others, in the 55th" Regt. Ills. Vols. His patriotic example and his efforts were beyond all estimate of value to the union cause at that time. No citazen[sic] of Ills., perhaps, used his influence and abilities to better purpose for the cause of the union at that time, than Milton L. Haney. He went to the front as Captain of Co. F. 55" Ills., and in March, 1862, was promoted to Chaplain. He was efficient as a Captain and also as Chaplain. He was respected, honored and beloved both by officers and men"and is idelized[sic] by them to this day. He was constant and untiring in his duties and ministrations as Chaplain: in rescuing our wounded and caring for our sick: visiting the most dangerous places of the battlefield in time of battle, and the hospitals at all hours of the night: marching in the ranks and fighting with his musket in battle.

This man, who gave himself entirely to our cause, and served as few men can serve any cause, now venerable with age and inform in health and dependent upon his own daily efforts for a living, is an applicant for In valid pension.

His patriarchial and patriotic character, his present straightened financial circumstances, and his faithful services to our common countries and to our comrades, both living and dead, of the old Regt. in which we had the honor to serve, impel us, aside from all technical questions of merit in his case, to bespeak for him and his claim, the most considerate, the most lenient and the most generous and liberal consideration, consistent with your high sense of public duty.

We have the honor to subscribe ourselves
Your Most Obt. Srvts.,
[below are inked signatures]

Henry Augustine, late Capt. 55th Ill.
L. B. C..vken [illegible writing], Capt. Co. F., 55th, Ill.
J. W. Aubry, Late Capt. Co. B, 55th Illinois Vols.
Francis P. Fisher, late Adjutant, 55th Ill. Infntry Vols.
H. H. Joslin, Co. C., 55th Ills. Infntry
Henry S. Hous.. [illegible writing], Capt. 55th Ill. Vol. Inftry Co. H[?]
F. H. Shaw, Late Capt. 55th Ill. Vol. Inft. Co. G{?]
Robert Oliver, Capt. Co. C. 55th Ill Vol. Inf,ty.
N. S. Geigesen, Capt. Co. D, 55th Ills. Inft.
O. H. Lartch, Sargt. Co. C 56th Ills. Vol.
J. C. Garner, Co. C 55 Ills. Inft.
J. G. Brown, Sergt.-Maj 55 Ills. Inft.
J. B. Johnson, Late Leiut. Co. F. 55th Ills.
Joseph Black, Late Capt. Co. K 55 Ill. Inft.
Peter Roberts, Late Capt. Co. F 55 Ill. Vols.
J. B. Ridenor, Late Capt. Co. A 55 Ills. Vet. Vol. Inft. Ed.
O. F. Rober M.D., Late Surg. 55th Ill. Inft. Vol.s.
Timothy Slattery, Late Capt. Co. I 55th Ills. Vol. Infr.
O. P. Tietsworth, Co. F 55 Ills. Vol. In.
A. Moore, Co. F 55 Ills. Vol.
Joseph W. Parks, Late Lieut. Co. F 55 Ill. Vol. Infr.

The date of submission is unknown: "188_" was part of the printed letterhead, used as the first page of the cover letter; no actual written date was recorded for the petition. The above petition was signed after 27 Nov 1899 (date of an affidavit signed by Henry Augustine, first signature agove: "Late Capt."). Milton L. Haney was receiving $30 per month in 1915. After further correspondence with the "Pension Commissioner" he was awarded an increase. His pension payments of $60 per month ceased when he died 21 Jan 1922, at the age of 96 years, 2 days short of his 97th birthday.

Submitted by Mary Foster Ludvigsen

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