D. Lambert Wyckoff

Co. I, 137th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

D. Lambert Wyckoff enlisted with Company I of the 137th Illinois Infantry Volunteers in May 1864. The 137th was a 100 days regiment. The Muster and Descriptive Roll lists his residence has Bushnell, Illinois. It also states that he was a prisoner of war, captured August 21, 1864 in Memphis, Tennessee.

On the back of the photo is the following: "D. Lambert Wyckoff (eldest brother of Ed Wyckoff) 18 years old. Taken before he went to join Union Army. Wounded at battle of shilow. Taken prisoner by Confeds - Sent home and died in my grandmother's arms."

D. Lambert Wyckoff's parents were David Miller Wyckoff and Elizabeth Kline.

Photo and information submitted by Kathleen Brooks.

*Kathleen believes the Battle of Shilow was earlier than 1864 and is trying to find more information to shed some light on the discrepancy.

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