Joseph G. Wheat

Company B, 104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

[This is the actual Flag that was sewn by Joseph G. Wheat's two sisters and which hung on the 104th Illinois Infantry Recruiting Station.]

"I am submitting a photo of my great-grandfather on his wedding day during the Civil War. He was captured with another soldier, whom you have a picture of - David McCampbell. They were both musicians with the 104th Illinois Infantry. Josie was sent to Libby Prison, where he escaped. McCampbell was sent to Andersonville where he died.

Joseph G. Wheat and Mary E. McCoy on their wedding day in Tonica, Illinois, August 3rd, 1865.

Josie, born in Portland, Indiana, August 29, 1840, died in Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 20, 1916 and is buried in Lakewood National Cemetery, Minneapolis. They had nine children and lived to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Joseph G. Wheat was a First Corporal in Company B of the 104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was captured at the Battle of Hartsville and released. He was captured again at Crawfish Springs, Battle of Chickamauga September 19, 1863. He was held at Libby Prison and Pemberton Prison. He was wounded near Atlanta with a Minie Ball in the right leg.

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