Henry Stork

Company C, 46th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

After arriving in America, in 1859, the Civil War began in 1861, and our ancestor, Henry Stork, enlisted in the Union Army on the 10th day of February 1864 at Buckeye, Illinois. He was listed as a farmer, five feet seven inches tall, blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 18 years of age, born Germany, Company C, 46th Illinois Infantry Regiment. When Henry Stork reenlisted, he was listed as being 5 feet eleven inches tall.

This was the beginning of an Army career spanning 20 years in which Henry Stork and family were stationed in Louisiana, California, Kansas, Texas, and Alabama. During the Civil War period he fought in such battles as Shiloh, Benton, Mississippi, Mobile, and Blackly, Alabama. In later years he participated in Indian skirmishes throughout the American West. His last post was Mt. Vernon, Mobile County, Alabama, where Geronimo was being held as a prisoner. He spent his last three years there, and was discharged in 1892. The same year Henry Stork and family moved to Grand Bay, Alabama.

See a copy of Henry Stork's enlistment paper.



Submitted by Tommy Ross, 4th Great-Grandson

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