Joseph Holt

Unknown CSA Regiment

A Carte de Visite (cdv) photo of a Camp Douglas Confederate prisoner. The photographer's backmark is D. F. Brandon of Camp Douglas, Ill. Also on the back is the faint handwriting of an apparent Camp Guard as follows:

"This man is a Rebel Corporal with our clothing on His name is (repeated) his name is Joseph Holt I forgot his Regt He gave it (cdv) to me because I was a name sake of his - - - They are the best looking Rebs I have J H"

Apparently the Camp Guard and the Rebel Prisoner had the same name!! The Guard was given the photo and must have made sure his name sake (above, who was one of those incarcerated) was issued a Union uniform. One of the touching side stories of a Civil War prison with such a high death and sickness toll - Camp Douglas!

The submitter/collector is trying to identify both soldiers from the North and South to their respective regiments.

Photo and information submitted by John Ertzgaard who passed away in 2002.

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