Jacob Frane

Company K, 92nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry


Anna Eyster Frane’s Frane Family History read to her children on her 80th birthday

Jacob Frane JR was mustered into the U.S. Service, September 4, 1862 in Company K of the 92d Illinois Volunteer Infantry and was discharged July 5, 1865. Later his company was mounted and they were called Mounted Infantry.

He served almost 3 years. He was in several engagements at Chattanooga where his regiment was the first to enter the town. He also was at Look Out Mountain where the famous battle was fought.

Once when he was carrying dispatches, the trail narrow, the night was dark, he was holding the tail of his white mule, when he came to a log across the path. . The mule jumped, kicking up his heels, leaving Jacob and his dispatches on the lower side of an almost blind trail.

Other engagements he was in were at Resaca, two raids around Atlanta and Nicojack Gap where several men were killed after they had surrendered. Also several minor ones in Marietta, Georgia where his tent mate, James Bloss was shot. Jacob and another soldier attempted to carry him off the field but could not, so secured an ambulance, getting him to town. He died that night and they buried him by the light of a candle lantern and the light of the moon with fleecy clouds scudding over it. This man had lived in the pup tent with him for months.

Near the close of the war, Jacob was wounded in the knee by a spent bullet that hit his horses shoulder. From various hospitals he was finally sent to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was discharged July 5, 1865. He returned to Ogle County, Illinois, and entered into civilian life, taking up, or rather resuming farming, his life occupation.

Biographical Sketches copied from Biographical and Historical Record of Ringhold and Decatur Counties, Iowa by the Lewis Publishing Company, 1887

In August, 1862, he enlisted in the war of the Rebellion and was assigned to Company K, Ninety Second Mounted Infantry, Army of the Cumberland, and served two years and 10 months, participating in several severe engagements, including those at Chickamauga, Resaca, and Jonesboro. He was wounded near Rolla, the ball first hitting his horse and then his right leg, near his knee joint, and was in the hospital at the time of his discharge, in July, 1865.

Private Jacob Frane JR Military Record, Book Mark R and P 369330

Company Description Book: Description; age 23, 6 foot, dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair, born in Lycoming,County Pennsylvania, occupation, farmer,
Enlistment: August 20, 1862 at Marion by H J Smith, term 3 years
Remarks: Wounded April 12, 1865 in right leg near Parrot Creek, North Carolina
Company Muster-in Roll: Jacob Frane, JR, Pvt, Co K, 92 Reg’t Illinois Infantry, age 22 years
Rockford, Illinois, September 4, 1862
Joined for duty and enrolled August 20, 1862, Marion, Illinois, for 3 years
Remarks: Bounty $25, paid $21
Company Muster Roll: Present from September 4, 1862 through December, 1864
Absent sick since January 19, 1865 for January and February Muster Roll
Absent sick since April 12 for March April Muster Roll
Returns: January 1864 detailed to care for convalescent horses, April and May 1865 Absent sick, wounded
Newbern, N.C.

Hospital Muster Roll of U.S.A, at Savannah, Georgia.: Regiment MI for February 28, 1865
Attached to hospital: February 1, 1865 as a patient, last paid $25, due $75
Returned to duty March 24, 1865
Bed Card: Transferred to Thilad May 20, 1865
Hospital Number 1009: Jacob Frane, age 24, American, Marion, Ogle County, Illinois
Post Office address of wife or nearest relative, Jacob D. Frane –d –
When admitted, May 8, 1865, from what source, Soldiers Rest
Diagnosis: G.S.W. Rt. Knee, flesh severe, Joint not opened
On what occasion wounded: Raleigh, North Carolina, April 12, 1865
Nature of missile or weapon: minnie ball

Hospital Muster Roll of Foster U.S.A. General Hospital, New Berne, North, Carolina, ward 4 [Co 16, 92 Re’gt all volunteer]
Hospital Muster Roll 0f Mower U.S.A. General Hospital, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Present for May and June, 1865 ward 40
Company Muster-out Roll, Concord, N.C., June 21, 1865: last settled, October 31, 1863; drawn since $73,98, Remarks: Wounded April 12, 1865, in right leg. In hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.
Detachment Muster-out Roll: July 3, 1865, last paid August 31, 1864. Remarks: Mustered out while in
Mower, U.S.A. General Hospital in compliance with directions from War Dep’t dated 5/3/65

Submitted by Jean Wilson

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