Captain John Frane

Company D, 39th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

4th Sergt, Capt. Linton’s Co., 39 Reg’t Ill. Inf*This organization subsequently became Co. D, 39 Reg’t Ill. Inf.; Age 23 years.
Appears on Company Muster-in Roll of the organization named above. Roll dated
Chicago, Ill. Oct. 11, 1861. Muster-in to date Oct. 11, 1861.
Joined for duty and enrolled: Aug. 9, 1861 at Paines point, Ill for a period of 3 years
Book mark: Reg P 386,970.
Present October 11, 1861, to Aug. 1862; Promoted from Second 1st Sgt. Sep 4, 1862; Present Sept., 1862 to December 1862,Jan & Feb. 1863; Acting 2nd Lt. From Dec. 1, 1862
2nd Lieut, Age 24 years. Roll dated Hilton Head Pt. Royal, S.C. May 12, 1863
Muster- in to date March 1, 1863. Joined for duty and enrolled: March 1, 1863 at St. Helena He’d, S.C.; Remarks:This officer was Sergt in the same Reg’t so promoted- by Vice Cyrus F. Knapp
Promoted by Commission of date July13, 1863, signed by governor of Illinois. There is due the Government from this officer on acc’t of clothing the sum of seven dollars and seven cents.
Present from March 1863 to Feb. 1864.
Absent On Recruiting Service S.O. No. 121, Dated Feb. 8, 1864, HD.Qtrs. Vol. Rect. Service, Springfield, Ill.
Present May and June 1864 Remarks: Com’d’g lev since June 4, 1864. S.O. No.28 Hd qtrs. 39 Reg’t Ill. Vol. June 4, 1864
July & Aug., 1864, Muster Roll; Remarks: Killed in action at Deep Run/ Va. Aug 6, 1864; John Frane 2nd. Lt., Co. D, 39 Reg’t Illinois Infantry. Age 25 years

Co. Muster-out Roll: Norfolk, Va. Dec. 5, 1861; Remarks: Promoted Serg’t Aug. 12’61 Killed Aug. 16’64, Deep Bottom, Va.

Officer Casualty Sheet: John Frane, Lt. Regiment 39, Arm, Infantry, casualty, Killed at Deep run Va.. 16th of August , 1864
Frane Family History by Anna Eyster Frane and Read to Her Children on her 80th Birthday: "At the beginning of the Civil War, John [Frane] enlisted in company d of the 39th Illinois volunteers and served for 3 years. He returned in 1864 to see his family and was killed at a bridge at Deep Bottom, Virginia, September 14, 1864, [Records show August 16, 1864.].while leading an attack against the enemy, hit by the bullets of three sharpshooters, any one of which would have been fatal. He was buried by the enemy under a big tree and his grave marked. He was a Mason, which accounts for his honorable burial."

Submitted by Jean Wilson

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