Unknown Confederate States of America Prisoner of War

This is a CDV (carte de visite, visiting card) of a thin Confederate prisoner who was incarcerated in Chicago at Camp Douglas prison. His identify is unknown so we can't count him for certain among the staggering death toll due to disease, malnutrition or even being killed by camp guards or other prisoners. There were over 18,000 prisoners (up to 12,000 at one time) during the Civil War who were confined at the prison.

The federal government puchased a section of Oakwoods Cemetery in 1867 to accommodate the 4200 known dead. However, cemetery recoards show at east 6000 coffins were buried there.

The Confederate Mound at Oakwoods is the largest burial ground of Southern prisoners in all the North.

Photo and information submitted by John Ertzgaard who passed away in 2002.

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