John Cox Clower

Company I, 73rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry

John Cox Clower was wounded in the head at Resaca, Georgia. A bullet entered one side of his face and exited the opposite side. Consequently, he lost vision in one eye and suffered from excruciating headaches the rest of his life. He died February 1, 1915, northwest of Chanute, Kansas, and was buried February 5, 1915, in Horse Creek Cemetery, Pawnee, Illinois. He was also a member of the GAR, but I don't know what post.

His brother, Thomas Frazier Clower, also served Illinois, but I don't have a picture of him. According to Civil War records, Thomas F. Clower fought for the Union in the Illinois 30th Infantry, Co. H, listing his residence as L. Bear Creek. his rank was "Drafted & Sub Recruit" (Private) (enlistment date of October 13, 1864), and he was mustered out July 17, 1865. He served as a cook with Gen. William T. Sherman on his march to the sea. He's buried in Morrisonville Cemetery, Morrisonville, Illinois.

Submitted by Jo Rice

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