The Civil War played a large roll in the William Dennison Cary and his wife Lodemia (Eells). Their two sons Daniel William, and John Franklin both served as did their 4 son-in laws. As noted earlier a number of Lodemia's nephews also served in Illinois Regiments. Lets start the progression:

I will be able to supply information on the Cary Family, EellsFamily (William Dennison Cary's wife Lodema's family), Lindsey,Schuyler, Mentch (Luna Foy First President of Cary), and informationon the 95th Ill inf, and the 15th Ill Inf., both out of McHenryCo. The Civil war played an important part in the Cary Familyand should be used as the background of the forming of the family. Many of the son-in-laws came from the bonds formed during thewar. One of the son-in-laws (Simeon Levy Eells husband to CorneliaCathia Cary ) served in both the Mexican and Civil war. I havea document written in his own handwriting about his adventurein the Mexican War. It was used for obtaining a pension.

William Dennison Cary was born 7 September 1807 in Sandy Creek Onondaga (Oswego) Co. NY. His father was John Flavel Cary and mother was Esther Stanton. They were married ca1804, Alexandria, Genesee Co., N.Y. It is mentioned that John F. graduated from Dartmouth in 1800. William had two brothers and a sister. The sister Esther D. married a Fowler. Esther D. (Cary) Fowler eventually moved to Warrensville, Illinois. The family lived in Meadville Pa. and Chautauqua Co. N.Y. John Franklin died suddenly 28 Sept. 1828.

The Cary Family established itself in the US early. The historycan be found in John Cary; The Plymouth Pilgrim, by Seth Cary1911.(out of print). John Cary came to US about 1634 from Bristol,Somersetshire, England and joined the Plymouth Colony making his home in Duxbury, Mass. He served under Capt. Myles Standishwith the Duxbury Co. He did move to Bridgewater, Mass. Thereis a monument to him and states that he was the first settlerand first officer of the town. Tradition says he was the firstto teach Latin in the Plymouth Colony.

In England, the Cary family goes back to Castle Kari, SomersetEngland. The first was Adam de Kari 1170. The castle is still on the map but in ruins. There also is a crest associated withthe Family.

So William Dennison Cary came from a family of adventures,contributors, and truly builders of new communities and towns.

His wife was Lodemia Eells and she was also from families thatwent back to the Plymouth Colony. In fact her lineage goes backto Richard Warren one on the original Plymouth Colony settlerscoming on the Mayflower 11 Dec. 1620. The Eells family comesfrom a John Eells 1575 Barnstable, Devenshire, England and hisson Maj. Samuel Eells, born 1May 1640, Dorchester, Mass and dying21 April 1709 Hingham Mass. Wife was Anna Lenthall. Most of theEells were very religious and became famous Ministers of theirtime. Establishing new churches in the Northeastern States. The family history is written in (Eells Family History in America1633-1952 by Wm. W. Eells)

Lodemia was born 1809 Plattsburgh, Clinton Co. NY. Her father was Simeon Eells and her mother is not known. Simeon had three wives as follows: Abiah Berry, Hannah Irish, and Maria Irish Moore. Some records point to Maria Irish Moore possibly a widow and maybe relative of Hannah Irish. Abiah Berry is said to have gone with Simeon to the Holland Land Company Purchase in 1833. Simeon parents were Captain Waterman Eells and Sarah Tubbs. Capt. Eells was killed in the battle of Bennington during the Revolution War 16 Aug 1777. Family tradition says that a man who was known to have words with Waterman before the battle may have been the culprit. Waterman had raised the family in Lanesboro, Berkshire Co., Mass. It is said that he brought his family to NY. Simeon went to Peru, Clinton Co. NY in 1799 as did his brother John Eells(Muddy Lane John), Waterman Eells Jr., sisters Deborah Eells Terry, Sarah Eells Everest, Abiah Eells Hawkes ( moved to Chautaqua Co. N.Y).

Simeon Eells was also an adventurer and settled in a numberof areas. From the history of Clinton and Franklin Co 1880. Pg.342." The first settler of what was formerly called Bartonville,on the Little Ausable River, and now known as Lapham's Mill wasSimeon Eells. The tract was included in the Bell Patent. Itis reported that William Bell gave Simeon 100 acre lot for hisindustry (chopping wood) and he build a log hut, and first sawmill in 1810. In 1833 he left Peru for the Holland Purchase(Patent),Perrysburg N.Y. with his wife Abigail Berry and died there.

Now the puzzle and plot thickens. The oldest son of Simeonand Hannah Irish, James Eells decides to go West with his youngfamily in the Spring of 1834. He went overland with his familyto Buffalo and by Lake Erie to Detroit, and then to Illinois withteams. James Eells settled with his family and Hubbard Gravesin Stephenson Co. He went back for his family and arrived in April1835. He laid claim in what is now Winslow Twp. He had a sonLansing Eells who we will hear of again with his second wife MariaTull.

Second son William stayed in Perrysburg, NY. and married CharlotteBlodgett. They had a son Waterman Eells who we will hear of againin Illinois as a Civil War participant and dies on the way homeafter the war.

Third son Waterman Eells stayed in Perrysburg and had two sonsand died there in 1832. The sons are George Waterman Eells andSimeon L. Eells. They will be heard of again in Ill.

Fourth son is Edward Eells born 24 May 1814 at Perrysburg, N.Y. and married Phebe Irish. Irish family has married Eells before. Edward settles in Hooks Point,Hamilton Co, IA. Interesting note is that one son William Cary Eells is born 6 Dec. 1850 at Winslow, Ill. And died at Hooks Point, Iowa 29 Apr, 1873. May have been named after Lodemia Eells husband.

Lodemia is the only daughter that survives to adulthood.

So now we have to discuss the Cary Family as they move toIllinois in the 1830's.

William D. Cary and Lodemia Eells met and were married in ChautauquaCo. N.Y. ca 1830. When they came by covered wagons from the Eastin ca.1836 they brought two of there children who were born inChautauqua Co. N.Y. They first settled in Algonquin Twp McHenryCo. Ill. William D. Cary purchased the land that would eventuallybe Cary Station on Oct 29th 1842 for $1.25/ acre. It was designatedas the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of section 8township number 43 North Range No. 9. Shirley Mentch has in herpossession a blanket chest that was brought from N.Y. on the wagontrip to Ill.

The original Cary House is still standing on (need to get presentaddress). It was moved from the original location on US 14 whichis now the location of the Phone Company around the First avearea.

William D. Cary was appointed Postmaster of Cary Station fora very short time in 1857. He turned the office over to JohnNish at the expiration of his term.

William D, Cary died on 3rd February 1861 at 53yrs, 5months,27days and was buried in the Cary Cem.. There is an old headstone that was rededicated by John Yazel a direct descendant ofWilliam D. Cary. He would never know what happened to his sonsduring the war nor the significance of it on his family.

The 95 Illinois Inf. Co I was made up of men from McHenry County. One son John Franklin would join this unit Sept 4, 1862. Hewould serve with John J Schuyler who would marry Huldah Ann, HezekiahSchuyler who would marry Jane Ester( died in 1865), and probablymet Henry Lindsey a 15 year old recruit from New York who wouldmarry Susan Sophronia on January 11, 1866 after the war. Theywere both 18 yrs when married and lived to 80 and 87 respectively.

The second son Daniel William Cary went another way with hisbrother-in-law Simeon levi Eells. Simeon was Lodemia's nephewand married Cornelia Cary after serving in the Mexican War in1846. She died in 1852. They were members of the 14/15th Co.A,E,F, vet battalion , reorganized. Simeon was a 1st Lt. Daniel'sname was misspelled as (Carey).

Simeon's brother George enlisted 3rd August 1861 in Kankakee,IL for three years. He was placed in the 42 IL Inf Co D. 1 Reg'tDouglas Brigade, IL Volunteers as a Sgt. He was promoted to 1stSgt April 1st 1863. He was sick and absent in Chattanooga Nov and Dec. 1863 and was mustered out and discharged Dec 31st1863 by reason of reenlistment as Veteran Volunteers. This occurredat Stones Mill, TN.

He was wounded in the battle of Ressaca, GA and placed in thehospital at Chattanooga TN on May 14th 1864. He died May 22nd1864 from gangrene. His body was returned to his home in Aroma,IL. For burial. He was 37 years old and had a wife. There wereno personal effects received. He was 5 ft 11 in tall, light complexionblue eyes and brown hair. His occupation was farmer.

May we remember his supreme sacrifice. It appears the Eellsfamily lost another member on the same day. He was a cousin anda son of James Eells who had settled in Stephenson Co. IL in 1832. Lancing Eells was a sgt with the IL 46th Inf. Co and died ofwounds on May 14th 1864. Were these men together? Lansing wasfrom Winslow Ill. And had enlisted three times. May 24 1861 disabilitydischarge Oct. 17, 1861, Enlisted 13 Oct 1862, discharged disability31 May 1863 Co. D 93rd IL Inf. Enlisted as a private 30 Jan 1864new Co D 46th IL Inf. He was made a Sgt. And died of wounds 14May 1864. Another was Waterman Eells who survived the war asa Sgt and mustered out 30th May 1865 only to die on his way hometo N.Y. Another Eells that served with this group was WatsonEells 1st Lt. From Winslow Ill. They were all with Co. B 15th(reorganized) ILL Inf. Simeon Levi Eells (George's brother) a1st Lt. And Daniel William Cary were also associated with thisgroup. Were they aware of their family ties? Daniel and Simeonwere now brother-in-laws.

This is being submitted by: Dr William L. Baran 1327 E. BriarwoodTerr. Phoenix Az. 85048 I am the husband to Lesley Mentch a descendantof William D. Cary.

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