Lt. Samuel T. Carrico

Company B, 61st Illinois Infantry

When he was officer of the guard, main road near Bolivar, TN, a Union captain came full speed on horseback to the guard post. The horseman yelled "friend" without the proper counter-sign. He thought his higher rank was enough to get him through the checkpoint. Carrico replied, "Captain, if you claimed to be General Grant himself, you shouldn't pass through my line without the counter-sign." Later, returning with the right sign, the Captain took down Carrico's name and the guard's. It was a bluff and Carrico was later to be promoted to Captain, being considered one of the best and bravest line officers in the 61st Infantry.

This excerpt came from the book, "The Story of The Common Soldier."

Photo and information submitted by John Ertzgaard who passed away in 2002.

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