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Frank H. Allen

Company B, 22nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry

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Frank H. Allen

This branch of the Allens descended from Samuel Allen who emigrated from Bridgewater, Somerset in 1628 to Massachusetts. The three oldest sons of Hollis Fay and Sophia Root Allen served in various regiments during the war. Hollis, born in Massachusetts, was the son of Elijah Allen who fought in the Revolutionary War.

Frank H Allen, born Craftsbury 1838, moved to Alton, Illinois in 1858 to work for an uncle, Augustine Root in the dry goods business. He enlisted and helped form the 22nd Illinois Infantry (May 11, 1861, Sergeant) as U.S. Grant was forming the 21st Illinois nearby, and was acquainted with Grant. He was promoted to second lieutenant of Company B, 11 February 1862 and first lieutenant, 13 June 1862. In September, 1862 he was detailed as ADC to Colonel George Roberts, brigade commander (cited in 22nd Illinois records for leading charge at Island No. 10 after Roberts was wounded). Appointed ADC to General Sheridan, 20th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, just before the battle of Stone River. Participated in the battles of Belmont, New Madrid, Island No. 10, Tiptonville, Farmington, Corinth and Stone River. Finished war as a major on General Newton’s staff.

In 1866, he moved to Atchison, Kansas and formed a wholesale drug and notions company with a McPike, and later with Frank Howard. Never married, died Atchison 1881, from illnesses suffered in war. Buried Mount Vernon Cemetery, Atchison.

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Joseph W. Allen, born Craftsbury, 1840, enlisted in Co I, First Vermont Cavalry, 2 October 1861, as a bugler, Capt. E.B. Sawyer was his recruiting officer. Saw continuous service with the First Vermont through discharge October 23, 1864. On detached service to Camp Stoneman, June through October 1864. Participated in Farnsworth’s charge at Gettysburg, his story was published in The Anthology of Another Town, Howe, Knopf, 1920.

In 1873 Joe moved to Atchison, Kansas and worked in the wholesale grocery trade. By the end of the century, he owned the wholesale grocery trade, his brother Frank’s drug and notions business, and a local bank. Joe died in 1930, unmarried and one of the wealthiest citizens of Kansas. Buried Mt Vernon Cemetery, Atchison.

Sources: Army records, Atchison Globe, family records.

George Root Allen, born 1844 in Craftsbury, enlisted as a bugler in Company M, First Vermont Frontier Cavalry 3 January 1865, recruited by E.M Baldwin. Discharged and mustered out of service 27 June 1865. Served under Josiah Grout who was Joe’s lieutenant in Co I, First Cavalry. Grout was wounded at Miskell’s farm fight with Mosby, recovered, and went back to Vermont to lead the First Frontier Cavalry.

After the war George moved to Alton, Illinois where his older brother Frank had located before the war. George founded a very successful business, Alton Boxboard Company, which exists at the end on the twentieth century. He had six sons, two of whom married girls from Atchison, Kansas where George’s brothers and sisters lived. One son would serve as a USA infantry lieutenant with the AEF in WW1, three of his grandsons would serve in WWII, one as a quartermaster officer in Europe, one as an infantryman on Bataan who would be captured and survive the death march only to die from being used for bayonet practice in a prison camp, and an infantryman with Patton’s 3 rd Army who would survive the entire war as a frontline soldier. Joe had one grand nephew who served as a USA doctor on Guadacanal. Buried Lovejoy Cemetery, Alton.

Sources: Army records, family records.

Submitted by George Allen Hughes, great-grand nephew of Frank H. Allen

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