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Albert F. Affleck

1st Sergeant, Co. A, 9th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

1st Lieutenant and Captain, 12th Missouri Volunteer Infantry

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Albert F. Affleck started out as a 1st Sgt., Co. A of the 9th Illinois Infantry which was only a 90-day outfit. He mustered -in in April 1861 and was released from the state's Infantry three months later.

Albert Affleck was very patriotic and impatient so he crossed the muddy Mississippi from Illinois to Missouri after his short Illinois service and accepted an appointment as 1st Lt. in the 12th Missouri Infantry. Apparently he couldn't wait for Illinois to appoint him to a three-year unit.

Captain Affleck died of wounds sustained before Atlanta on August 4, 1864. His body was returned to his home state of Illinois near Belleville for burial.


Photo and information submitted by John Ertzgaard who passed away in 2002.

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